Friday, December 26, 2014

The results of the Mariners IWAKUMA pitcher are great!

Iwakuma pitcher was apt to hide behind Darvish and Masahiro Tanaka,
but he made 15 wins of the Japanese major leaguer top!

He achieved a triumphant return pitch by the Japan-U.S. baseball of the other day.

By major activity for 3 years,
might existence have been recognized as a starter of high quality in MLB?

There is the pitcher Uehara of Red Sox and a Japanese has many pitchers of the good control!

Since the age of the Little League,
it is instructed a right pitching form in Japan.
So I have heard a story when they might gain good forms in the body.

This is a good place of the baseball in Japan.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pitcher Kyuji Fujikawa transfers to Texas Rangers!

Texas Rangers transfer of the pitcher Kyuji Fujikawa was decided!

"Decline from the heyday" is talked about, but thinks that I do not want him to get old still more!
And I fix the condition and want to see a straight of that pride again.

"Decline from  in his day" is talked about by people,
I do not want his to get old still more.

I think that I want to see his straight of that pride that fixed the condition again.

Even if watch results of this season; strike out ratio is 11.76!!
It may be that the strike out ratio high as ever is one of the decisive factors that became the major contract.

In addition, it is a WBC in 2009 that is remembered it became the team where is same as pitcher Darvish.

It was Darvish pitcher in those days that stood in the mound at the moment of championship
because pitcher Darvish became the closer in place of Kyuji Fujikawa who did not get good condition.

I just remembered that Darvish said when Kyuji Fujikawa advised it in various ways when the adjustment in the new bull pen and thanked you very much.

I cannot wait for the next season when I think that the tag of such two people is seen in a season in 2015.

FIRES glove for hardball

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Annual salary and results of the pitcher Red Sox Tazawa

The pitcher Junichi Tazawa pitched than 70 games two years in a row secondary to the last year when they won a world champion
and supported Boston Red Sox sluggish in this season.

Even if we confirm Stats,
It was the pitching contents which did not have inferiority last year.

He has high team contribution degree for annual salary.
So we go for a topic if he is cost-effective.

There may be the baseball team which pays him even a little higher annual salary
if they watch his age and work in these 2 years.

But the pitcher Tazawa was brought up in Boston and caught a seat of the set upper in Boston.

Probably I think that he love Boston.

He seems to use a glove of Zett since a high school student all the time.

Please check a popular Zett coustom order glove and PROSTATUS, NEOSTATUS by the swallow sports.

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Friday, December 5, 2014

How about 2015 seasons of the pitcher Yankees Kuroda?

Pitcher Hiroki Kuroda who showed a throw not to let us feel age of 39 years old in this season.

"Kuroda is less likely to remain behind in Yankees."

"He may come back to Dodgers where the family lives in;"?

Speculation is growing apace.

When Kuroda played in Dodgers,

Kuroda was close to Clayton Edward Kershaw that is a three time Cy Young Award winner in this Season.

Most of Japanese fan particularly carp fans,
they may expect a choice to come back to the Japanese baseball team,
and to return to Hiroshima Carp of the old home. 

Pitcher Kuroda of the time when he was in Hiroshima Carp.

Personally,I have two feelings now.

I want to see his splendid figure playing baseball again in japan.

and  want him to aim at world one on the stage of the Major League.

he was a bull pen at the age of UEMIYA Senior High School.
Indeed to be able to play an active part in Major League,
To throw it as an ace pitcher of Yankees,
I did not even think 22 years ago.

I think ONYONE of the maker which the pitcher Kuroda uses habitually to certainly support a play.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sandoval and Ramírez are decided join Red Sox

the big news came!!

It was announced that Pablo E. Sandoval of San Francisco Giants and
Hanley Ramírez of Los Angeles Dodgers transferred to Boston Red Sox.

A contract deposit is a total of 188 million dollars in two!

To me, you can not imagine .

they spend a fund as if they forget results of this season.

we think it was like a Guts as the world champion of the last year.

but this transfer, is it not a shock for a San Francisco Giants fan?

 Sandoval was loved by the nickname of ”the kung fu panda” by a fan.

It will be gone to see the headpiece of the panda in San Francisco …

he was prospect in the Boston red sox from the beginning. so he is just back.
this picture was ramirez of 2ABoston Red Sox in 10 years ago (2004).

Just when he attracted attention as the person who broke through in 2006,
He traded it in Miami Marlins(formerly Florida Marlene's.)

It is them of the top player,
Sandoval uses the glove of SSK.

He was a former catcher, but the defense of the third is good, too.

We Japanese is glad when we think that a glove of SSK helps a play of Sandoval.

Let's expect it for the activity of their next season!

SSK: Probrain

SSK : limited item

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Results and evaluation of Royals Aoki 2014

Kansas City Royals was enthusiastic mood!!
Because they went into the World Series after an interval of 29 years.

Aoki contributed to the team as the second batter mainly.

The biggest highlight is three consecutive games with Chicago White Sox from September 15 to 17th in this season in that.

It is the game that he made three 11 hits of the baseball team new record.

It is four hits of two games continuations until the day before,
And he hits three hits on 17th.

He established the record of three ten hits.
Legend George Howard Brhett of Royals and Willie James Wilson which is called a speed star of the baseball team history best, they held the record.

They are members when they are the number one in the world 29 years ago.

These are the tools which supported Aoki.

Aoki special feature


In Diamondbacks, Reds, Orioles, Cubs,
The rumor of the transfer is given,

Which uniform will Aoki really wear in the next season?

By a certain article, there is the ability that batting average .285, defense, the base running are high in,

Furthermore, there were few strikeouts and received an evaluation to be superior in batting control.

Because he can put his heart and soul into team batting as the second batter, 
I think that there is considerably the team to match.

Let's look forward to activity of Aoki in the next season!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

In Japan, we have baseball for hardball and rubber-ball.

In Japan, we have baseball for hardball and rubber-ball.

The difference is a ball.

Because balls to use are different,
the tools such as a glove or the bat are divided into two kinds.

硬式 野球 (hardball baseball)

The ball of the hardball baseball uses the cork for material,
and it features it that the surface has the seam of a red thread.

Including professional baseball and National High School Baseball Championship
it is generally common to point to the hardball baseball speaking of baseball.

軟式 野球 (rubberball baesball)

A ball of the rubber-ball baseball is the ball which used the rubber for material.

※Rubber-ball baseball is totally different from the softball.

  ソフトボール(soft boll)

Difference of the glove

Hardball glove Rubberーball glove
Leather good quality leather  inferior quality than hardball glove
Endurance strength  The core of the glove is durable firmly. inferior quality than hardball glove
Price high It is cheaper than a rigid glove

When it plays hardball baseball, it is possible to use a rubber-ball glove.but a rubber-ball glove has weaker durability and strength than a hardball glove. 

   While you use it for a long term,During use, a string cuts, and a glove cannot tolerate a     shockyou may be hurt.

   Therefore we strongly suggest to hardball baseball to use a hardball glove.

 To use better leather,
a hardball glove is expensive.(even if the cheapest more than 20,000 yen),
rubber-ball one is almost half price lower than a hardball one.

When you look for a product on our homepage,
please be careful about a hard expression and rubber-ball differences:)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

AOKI(Kansas City Royals) uses the glove of the Kubota slugger!!

Kansas City Royals where Aoki pro-player belongs to achieved World Series advance in 4 successive victories.

Aoki uses the glove of the Kubota slugger from Tokyo yakult Swallows!!

By the game with Angels of the other day, he fired fine plays by the defense of the light!

By the game with Angels of the other day, I fire fine plays by the defense of the light!

 Kubota Slugger AOKI model  "KSN-23SEKZ"

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Limited Edition Derek Jeter Retirement memory model glove

Rawlings glove for hardball. PRODJ2FS 

Rawlings released PRODJFW of the limited Edition in commemoration of Derek Jeter retirement. 
・”Derek Jeter”embroidered on thumb.
・60% player break-in.

The key ring is a set!

The commemorative ball is a set, too!

Friday, September 26, 2014

the pitcher Yankees Tanaka did revival pitch by game with Blue Jays after an interval of approximately two and a half months.

he became the winning pitcher!!!

 we were able to watch a figure pleased with a pitch from not only the Japanese baseball fan but also the local Yankees fan.

It may be 1-2 games that he throws this season,
Let's support pitcher Tanaka whom we powered up more in the next season.