Monday, July 28, 2014

Willson made in japan limited glove!!

"Wilson staff" glove for hardball(made in japan).

"wilson staff"is Industry's first "right stuff in the right place design" glove
Feelings suitable for each position are the biggest characteristics!

The discerning glove which a Japanese glove craftsman made.
Japanese pro player also useing wilson glove.

The high school hardball baseball of Japan has a lot of rules, and a design is limited.
but this glove is Play thoughtful design!

the industry's first Snake embossing leather 
corona cutting design!
made in japan.

Wilson  glove for hardball.WTAHWA5WH 

Wilson glove for hardball.WTAHWA8SCx

Wilson glove for hardball.WTAHWA59T

we can ship overseas!!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

SSK sasaki MADE IN JAPAN Glove!!

SSK sasaki  

Today,I will introduce SSK item.

SSK with the history more than 50 years.
The product of SSK is very popular in Japan and uses the major leaguers!


this glove is made in japan and useing a kip leather of the highest quality.

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The Bullet Logo
The SSK Company logo has played a significant role in the posture and approach of our daily business. Designed to represent the shape of an S-as in SSK- but also to identify the speed and strength of SSK as a forward-thinking and continually evolving company. Within the design and significance of the SSK logo you can almost feel an ever-present battle between the two sides, and at the same time, understand the harmony that these opposing positions uphold. In both the professional and personal world the ability to balance these two opposing forces, and thus provide a harmonious balance, represents the key to a successful journey. SSK has proudly displayed this logo symbol of speed, strength, and adverse-yet harmonious balance for many years. With great pride and commitment, we will continue to build on this spirit in the future.


Friday, July 18, 2014



We start the KUBOTA coustom order!!
If you are interested it,please check it out.

PRICE IS 44.625 yen 

TOTAL 47425yen (Option is not include)

Order Flow

1: Estimate(when you order it,we estimate total price.)
    ※It is not completion of the contract unitl payment 
  ※The term of validity of an estimate is one weeK.

2:PAYMENT(we accept only paypal payment.)
    when you decided to purchase,Please payment by Paypal.
  after checking your payment, we order your glove for maker.
  It takes about 90 days to make it

3:SHIPPING(before shipping, we let you know shipping schedule.
   The tracking number will be send after the delivery.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Labeling change of baseball glove!

I'm interested in that glove ,but I do not like this label.
If it was other color, it would be more awesome glove.......

Have you ever been thinking like it?

Our shop can accept baseball glove label exchange!!

The following bland can exchange label.
KUBOTA, IPselect tamazawa, wilson, ZEEMS, HI-GOLD

※It may be the exchange impossibility depending on a product.
※It can change only the label of the maker same as a glove.

In the case of an order glove,
please inform of label page URL and your select label.

Let's play baseball with a special glove!

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

When choosing the mitt pf "HATAKEYAMA", What one focuses on?

"HATAKEYAMA" is one of japanese baseball goods maker.

When choosing the catcher's mitt of HATAKEYAMA........
What do you focuses on?

a deep pocket ? a shallow pocket ?
a mitt which can hold a ball firmly  ?a mitt which sound catch sound?

the person who hold a ball firmly with a deep pocket,
▼Please choose the mitt which thought the catch as important. ▼

the person who sound catch sound with a shallow pocket ,
▼Please choose the mitt which thought pitching as important. ▼

Which do you choose?

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thank you.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

”ASICS” WAGYU glove for hard ball.

ASICS GLOVE for hard ball.BGH4LV

This glove use WAGYU leather.
Wagyu leather is a light weight and durability.

The features of this glove are two welding.
becouse of this, the durability over a strong hit ball increases.

 The place at which welding has turned is consideration for not giving sense of incongruity to the joint of a finger.
 When I had been held this glove, I thought that it was really light.
Although this is for outfielders, it was 600g or less.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

”HATAKEYAMA”  japanese catcher's mitt AX-222

HARAKEYAMA catcher's mitt  for hard ball AX-222

HATAKEYAMA is one of japanese baseball goods maker .
HATAKEYAMA Catcher's mitt is well-known in japan.
AX  is best series in this bland.
it is same design which a Japanese professional player uses.

・made in japan
・wagyu leather
This leather has much needs from a professional player.

・this mitt is little bit big design.

Selected embroidered label!!