Friday, February 27, 2015

2015 training camp started!!!

Last weekend Pitchers started training camp, and fielders started training camp this week.
Both Japan and the United States are finally the baseball season arrival!

The player challenging MLB from NPB is zero this year,
Do Ichiro (Marlins), Aoki (Giants), Kyuji Fujikawa (Rangers) who transferred to fit in with a new team?

Darvish (Rangers) who took a rest in late last year and Masahiro Tanaka (Yankees)
the finish condition of them ?

Uehara (Red Sox) who makes the start a closer for the first time,
How long can he play an active part?

I find that the pitcher Iwakuma is wearing sunglasses of Nike when I see training camp picture!

There do not seem to be very many players using Nike
when I look at the Japanese professional player.

but Major leaguers are wearing Nike sunglasses!!

His sunglasses figure is cool.

It is the sunglass which Iwakuma wore by camping.

OAKLEY is popular in Japan,
but the Nike sunglasses do not have a gap in quality either.

Nike one is the model with the adjuster bulldog function of the temple arm and a nose pad.
I recommend NIKE from the viewpoint of a feeling of fitting!

※Wearing image

The sunglasses help ultraviolet rays measures and shading.
I recommend sunglasses of Nike to the person who does not yet have sunglasses and a person having only cheap sunglasses.

Friday, February 20, 2015

USA and Cuba

President Obama  ordered the restoration of full diplomatic relations with Cuba.

After it is full diplomatic relations with Cuba,
What kind of effect will you have on MLB and NPB (professional baseball in Japan)?

The professional activity in the foreign territory came to be finally possible with approval of Chairperson Castro from 2014. 
And the player of the Cuban top-class came to Japan from last year.

but it has come true in the situation without full diplomatic relations with Cuba.

so,I think that a lot of players toward MLB come out from now on.

It is not only 2014 seasons in MLB either,
In late years the activity of the player from Cuba is outstanding.

we should come to be able to watch a splendid play more!

Yoenis Céspedes Milanés for 2 consecutive years all-star home-run derby championship.

The Céspedes uses batting gloves of cutters!

Albertin Aroldis Chapman

Michel Abreu Martinez wear spike of MIZUNO

Yasiel Puig Valdés wear spikes of Nike

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Matsui & Jeter! the contest of the dream by an earthquake disaster reconstruction aid event!

There was announcing it that Hideki Matsui and Mr. Jeter did home run derby by a Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction aid event in Tokyo Dome on March 21 in December.

It is a pleasure and is excited now next month when I think Jeter to be seen again in Japan.

He completes a game in active last Yankee Stadium by own good-bye hit and is a true "superstar".
Because it is the legend player who carved with the name for a history of MLB,
I think that the Japanese fan who can see him in person is happy.

I want to wait for the day for pleasure!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Messenger, Iwata, Fukuhara contract with Rawlings!

I went for a new product exhibition in 2015 of Rawlings.

Rawlings Japan LLC stood up in 2013.

Pitcher Randy Messenger of Hanshin contracted with Rawlings Japan
as the first signing for a professional baseball being on the register roll player in Japan in 2014.
And first Hanshin Iwata and pitcher Fukuhara made a contract as a Japanese player this year at last.

I remember two games of the pitcher messenger personally,with game (2007/8/4) where a equal to the current record of Barry Lamar Bonds was given to for San Francisco Giants Era and game (2007/8/7) which a new record left.

He was 25 years old and his role was a mop-up man at that time.

But the present Giants won 3 degrees world champion in these 5 years.
The weakness several years ago incredibly built the dynasty (the golden age),
and the pitcher messenger became the pitcher who represented a league as an ace of Hanshin Tigers now, too.



Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Decision with Ichiro, Marlins!

I wrote that transfer of Ichiro might be decided as soon as I wrote blog.
Transfer was really decided after blog up immediately.

There were a lot of first things.

●A Japanese player belongs to Marlins
●Ichiro plays in National League
●Baseball team's president and GM visited Japan and performed a joining an organization interview in Japan.

I think that Marlins showed the biggest good faith for the superstar who waited with 3,000 hits close at hand above all.

Ichiro became age of 41 years old,
but does not think of his body to be a 41-year-old body.

>>State of the joining an organization interview.

In addition, Ichiro becomes uniform number "51"
It's very exciting!

From I think that he will start few play opportunities,
but let's expect that it is in the force that is indispensable to the end game in a season!