Saturday, March 28, 2015

Jeter and Matsui

In Tokyo Dome, we had been waiting the other day,
An event of Hideki Matsui and Derek Sanderson Jeter was held.

I am a big fan of Jeter personally.
I went to Yankee Stadium for a view for the active play era
and went to watch the opening game of 2004 in Japan.

Because I thought that it was a very few opportunity that Jeter in Japan,
I went to see him in the stadium!!

When two of them appeared, everybody in a stadium took out a photograph all at once.
I saw some fans in a uniform of Jeter.

The one which Jeter attracts so thinks that his personality is a big factor as well as a play and the results.

I heard that he contacted media and a fan, any person in the same way.

Though he is a superstar, very openhearted personality is expressed very much in this CM(Gatorade).

Will you think that he become supervises Yankees in future??

I look forward to it very!

Friday, March 20, 2015

A positive idea of the pitcher Darvish!

Unfortunately pitcher Darvish who has become the despair in this season.

But he is an extremely positive thought.

There may be the secret that can play an active part that much in the Major League in "the intellectual power" that there is of the positive idea as well as a technique and physical strength.

He said seriously saying "throw it in the left if the right is no use!", but does even the left do great pitching; ...?

Changing the dominant hand like him and
is there the successful pitcher so far in the Major League?

Pitcher Billy Wagner who ever played an active part in the nickname of "Billy the Kid" for 1995-2010 years.

He injured the right arm in a childhood and came to throw it in the left.
He is appointed in MLB and saves 422 in total (the second place in history!) I did it.
He was a great player.

I think that there is not such a thing after having become an adult.

Because we cannot watch the play of the pitcher Darvish this year,
Let's enjoy a play using the product of the Darvish model!

2014 Darvish limited model.

Asics spike

training shoes

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Gloves of the Yoenis Céspedes Milanés of 2015

It is Yoenis Céspedes Milanés player from Cuba which transferred to Detroit Tigers in this season from Boston Red Sox.

he is also useing 

Will the number of the stolen base of this year increase?
I am looking  forward to it!

We looked at the Yoenis Céspedes Milanés as a batting gloves use player of cutters from a debut year.

He seems to use gloves of Nike for the moment.

★NIKI batting gloves★

I am worried whether he uses cutters or Nike if a season begins.
I intend to pay attention to his money.

he used the tool of SSK at the age of a Cuban representative.

Because SSK supported federation of baseball in Cuba until 2013,
I think that it is a reason.

I want you to use it in the Major League in us
because the elbow guard of SSK is extreme popularity!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

B44010 Adidas BOOST spikes!

Pitcher Chicago Cubs Tsuyoshi Wada.
An exhibition game first pitch was game with Rangers.

He left it for the tension of the left thigh.
The plan of 2 innings becomes 1 inning, and we regret it

He wears spikes of Adidas when he pays attention to his step during spring training

The series of these spikes adopts the new material with cushion characteristics in mid sole and is very lightweight.
we can expect fatigue reduction, a performance gain playing!

The following spikes are sales price: It is 15,552 yen.

Please experience endless energy of BOOST!

adidas Energy Boost spike D73929
adidas Energy Boost spike D73929

adidas Energy Boost spike D74251
adidas Energy Boost spike D74254

There are the shoes elsewhere, too

It is 11232 yen.

adidas adizero Boston boost running shoes B44009

adidas adizero Boston boost running shoes B44010