Monday, February 29, 2016

Tokyo Marathon 2016 and kubota slugger key holder etc...

Tokyo Marathon 2016 was held yesterday.

The Tokyo marathon was the 10th turning point in 2016 since we started in 2007.
It was very fine and was ideal day for perfect marathon.

It is the Japan's biggest city marathon that approximately 30,000 runners run through "Tokyo".

Because there is usually a great deal of traffic, 
it is attractive to be able to run in each place that you can never run.

The participants of the foreigner increase year by year.

Let's try to run TOKYO in 2017 ,if you interested in:P

By the way, by the way, 

Kubota slugger releases a lot of accessories recently.

 kubota slugger  BA-26

1,404円  → sale price :1,262yen

 kubota slugger BA-25

1,620円 → sale price:1,457yen

kubota slugger  BA-24

2,484円 → sale price2,234 yen

it is good for Kubota slugger enthusiast!!

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

What is the most Popular made in japan hardball glove ? ? ( Kubota Slugger )

About  ”made in Japan”,
there are many question from a Customer.

What is the reason!!

Good quality (quality)?
Is it the good sense when I put a hand in a glove?

We will introduce the Hot-selling product (hardball baseball glove)
※ rankings is the time blog posted the day

Today is Kubota Slugger! !

★ Kubota Slugger ★

KSG-T1 Toritani player model for Kubota Slugger hardball glove Second Short

KSG-T1  of the Hanshin Tigers Toritani player model is ranked! !

※ quoted from Suponichi

Slugger company has a good reputation for the glove for the infielder.

"TORITANI player" which wins Golden Glove Award four times of continuations for three years.
I can understand that the model is popular!

☆ Toritani players featured here! !

It is the item which adopted this Web (↑↑↑) .

that is  KSG-MS-2.
 and the player Sakamoto (Yomiuri Giants) uses it, and became popular!

The L7S type which is a most basic popularity model of the slugger.
It is the model that made it small a little.


In third place, Slugger minimum class 25SE type Yokotoji version KSG-25PS rank-in! !

Palm around is the smaller type of 22~24cm.
It is recommended to the second baseman or shortstop! !
Rankings of other manufacturers also will be announced soon.

☆ Kubota Slugger has been shaped glove feature

☆ Kubota Slugger rigid glove mitt Special

☆ Kubota Slugger  by size glove feature

☆ Kubota Slugger catcher's mitt feature

☆ Kubota Slugger first mitt feature

☆ Kubota Slugger rubber boll glove feature

☆ Kubota Slugger Care Goods Special

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Monday, February 22, 2016

”ZETT PROSTATUS” 2016 baseball glove. new color.made in japan.

A new color is released in 2016 of the baseball glove of "ZETT"

the highest grade series, PROSTATUS.

Palm back leather is a beautiful color

Embroidery label of the beautiful home base type

The leather is smooth Kip leather

Of course, made in japan.

you can purchase it soon.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Tokyo Yakult Swallows

Tokyo Yakult Swallows is one of the Japanese Professional baseball team in the Central League.

Their home stadium is the Meiji Jingu Stadium in Tokyo. (Seating Capacity: about 35000)

This stadium is also known as the place for the game of Tokyo Big6 Baseball League which is the most popular college baseball league in Japan.

The Swallows had been placed at the lowest rank in past 2 years, but won the pennant race for the first time in 14 years last year. 

Some wonderful players made it happen!

Tetsuto Yamada was a leading player of the year. He achieved “Triple Three”, a .329 batting average, 38 homers, and 34 Stolen Bases. 

He also got the HR leader, Stolen Base leader and MVP in the Central League. 
We were excited when he hit 3 homers in the third game of Japan series (national championship games).

Tetsuto YAMADA 
picture from
His uniform number will be changed from “23” to “1” which used to be the number of Norichika Aoki (Seattle Mariners) and other Swallows’ star players.
It means everyone is looking forward to his continued success!

       ↑↑Check his model's items ↑↑

Three more players got individual titles!

Shingo Kawabata: batting leader and hits leader

 SSK Rubberball Baseball Glove All round Kawabata Model (finished Break-in)

Kazuhiro Hatakeyama : RBI leader

Tony Barnette : saves leader  (He will play for the Texas Rangers from this year!)

By the way, a mascot exists in every team and performs fan services. 

Tsubakuro” is the one of the Yakult Swallows. He is very popular and famous for his funny character and activity. He writes a blog. (He can’t write Kanji though..) He is a wicked. He often plays pranks on players and fans.

He renews contract every year like baseball players. According to his contract, he gets 22,000 yen this year. (Also he can drink Yakult as much as he wants!) Yakult is the lactic-acid drink which is made by the parent company.

 I guess some of you think that we "Swallow Sports" have relationship with “Yakult Swallows”...

But the Swallows has no relationship with us! :P

Friday, February 19, 2016

"MIZUNO" softball glove "global elite" 1AJGS14413

"MIZUNO"  softball glove "global elite"1AJGS14413 

Triple X for exclusive use of the infielder

It is a grip product for players to be crowded deeply.

The leather is "high FC leather".
It is flexible leather.

2016 new softball glove of MIZUNO

MIZUNO SOFTBALL GLOVE All-Japan representative model 1AJGS14317

MIZUNO SOFTBALL GLOVE All-Japan representative model 1AJGS14307

MIZUNO SOFTBALL GLOVE All-Japan representative model 1AJGS14323

MIZUNO SOFTBALL GLOVE All-Japan representative model 1AJGS14301

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

”ZETT” PROSTATUS Premium glove.made in Japan.

ZETT PROSTATUS Premium glove

The five best craftsman in charge of the "cutting" "sewing" "iron" "string hole" "finish"  made this glove.

They make the glove of the professional player.


通常価格:64,800円  → sale price:51,839円


通常価格:64,800円  → sale price:51,839円 


通常価格:64,800円 → sale price:51,840円


通常価格:66,960円 (税込) → sale price:53,559円

It is limited number of products with the serial number.

A label is a label for exclusive use of this glove.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hatakeyama mitt and glove that decorate the various changes of the Tigers Imanari player! !

Ryota Imanari players of Hanshin Tigers,
made a practice as a catcher after a long time in Spring Training
that is done in Okinawa Ginoza.

※ quote from Nikkan Sports

Since 2013, not played as a catcher in the official game,
maybe it was the turning to infielder from 2015
for Kanemoto director take advantage of the striking force of Imanari player,
it is also a mask figure is seen this year.

※ quote from Sports Hochi

Wearing a Tigers Transfers after starting lineup mask, 
from the appearance of tears when that led to the first victory 
the team has been handed down his thoughts.

※ quote from Daily Sports (10 July 2012, versus Sino-Japanese war)

Such Imanari player is a utility player to defend multiple positions.

The support his play is the mitt and glove and armor of Hatakeyama.

He has held a variety of defense to this other than the catcher.

◆ third baseman
※ quoted from Daily Sports

◆ second baseman
※ quoted from Daily Sports

◆ first baseman
※ quoted from Daily Sports

◆ left fielder and right fielder
※ quoted from Nikkan Sports

Catcher, third, second, first, left, light, and it is what and to say that 
Imanari players speaking "mimicry"

Very protean, it is "various changes" of Imanari players.

↓↓↓ Imanari players to the "nunchaku batting" pose 
that became a hot topic last year
※ quoted from Daily Sports (November 21, 2015, Fan Appreciation Day)

n the team of the mood maker, advocates Kanemoto new director
"Severely, bright" It is a player that embodies the!

Let's hope the achievement of this year's Tigers and Imanari players.

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