Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The premium edge series of ASICS attracting attention by both professional baseball and National High School Baseball Championship!

Three pitchers out of 12 baseball teams used the glove of ASICS among start pitchers of this year by the professional baseball.

A glove of ASICS plays an active part in National High School Baseball Championship that an exciting game is presenting!

※ It is quoted by Asahi Shimbun


BGHFQP  sold out

When he took up the defensive position in the bottom of the ninth inning,

He used the premium edge glove for the outfielder (^O^)


※ quoted by daily publication sports


ASICS BGHFQU premium edge 

In addition, the player who used the premium edge of ASICS is this!

※ It is quoted by daily publication sports

※ It is quoted by Mainichi Shimbun

Let's cheer the all energy play of the high school student!(^O^)/


ASICS premium edge BGHFQH


ASICS premium edge BGHFQS  

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Monday, March 28, 2016

About baseball glove maker "ATOMS"

we introduce "ATOMS" after starting the handling newly.

Okada of the representative of ATOMS who felt a question in there not being the organization which brought up an engineer made an ideal maker with oneself.

Okada founded ATOMS Co., Ltd. in 2004.

In a company name of ATOMS,it has following meaning.

A  Athlete,Artisan,Associates
T    Top
O    Originator
M    Mission
S    Satisfaction

ATOMS is a maker of the gloves for the baseball to set up the headquarters factory in Nara prefecture.

Nara prefecture is domestic share 80% in a glove for the baseball.

However, the most are the production spots of the mom and pop operation. 

In this situation they thought this industry face a difficult future.

And,they made much of personnel training and pushed forward business development with world development.


The glove string is the direct stocking from American Tennessee tanning Company.

they use safe material for a glove conflicting with a way.

they introduce the automatic cutter which only several major makers hold in the country.

4,Quality control
They make the product of the high standard and raise quality continuously.

An idea to reuse to a glove for the training came out of the thought that they wanted to use without leaving over leather.



The glove of ATOMS crossed the sea now.
it came to be used for players who played an active part in the world including the United States of the world top league.

It will be that users increase in not only Japan but also the world in future.

Let's pay attention to future movement !!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What is the most Popular made in japan hardball glove ? ? (Hatakeyama)

Kubota Slugger, Xanax, continued to SSK,
this week will introduce a sales best 3 of the Japanese-made hardball glove
the famous Hatakeyama in mitt !

I think that "Hatakeyama is mitt" there are more of the image of,
but its image as, top ranking was mitt !!

 ★ Hatakeyama★

Hatakeyama hardball catcher's mitt V-M8WR

Imposing of the 1-position of the mitt records to qualify the number
of professional baseball record to become 3021 game,
catcher of Golden Players Club retired regrettably last year,
Motonobu Tanishige (of past team Chunichi, Yokohama) was V-M8WR models !!

※ quoted from Chunichi Dragons official site

M8 type Tanishige model in the design of deep,
is said to correspond easily type in the breaking ball.

Then, the V-Orange is also a popular color.

☆ Hatakeyama hardball catcher's mitt Special !!

☆ Hatakeyama by type mitt Special !!

Hatakeyama limited 30 Anniversary model rigid first baseman's glove 
( "心" stamp specification) PRO-F1K
※The "心" means that the heart.

The second place was made in Hatakeyama 30 anniversary
first baseman's glove is ranked !!

Indeed of mitt Hatakeyama. First baseman's glove is also popular.

I think the catcher is also the case to protect the first base, 
the players know and love the catcher's mitt of Hatakeyama
also supposed to protect the first base,
I think they do not want to let go of Hatakeyama.

☆ Hatakeyama first baseman's glove Special! !

Hatakeyama limited hardball catcher's mitt KSO-8-SW2

Third place, was the KSO-8-SW2 of Swallow Sport Limited Edition !!

This is also Tanishige type, recommended point than anything,
not in the classic "Schellar move adoption of the body black × string Brown"
that it's mitt.

This color scheme is a popular color in such bespoke order.

Because of limited, as soon as possible! !

※ What is a Schellar move !

"Grab" the form of order to facilitate the movement of the catcher's mitt unique.

Smooth and powerful movement of the crustaceans was born as a reference.

☆ Hatakeyama hardball, softball Shellar move equipped with mitt Special !!

☆ Hatakeyama baseball armor Special !!

In active players, there are a large number Hatakeyama mitt loyal.

In the opening game of 2011, all 12 teams in the whopping 8 team catcher was 
used from Hatakeyama mitt !

This year's season opener, what athletes use Hatakeyama, 
there also let's wait for the professional baseball season fun! !

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Monday, March 21, 2016

adidas 2016 new bat

It is going to release it soon!

アディダス 大特価セール
adidas SALE!!

spike and shoes

wrist band and batting glove

adidas wear

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Most Popular Japanese-made hardball baseball glove? ? (SSK ed.)

Following the Kubota Slugger and Xanax,
this time introduce SSK of Made in Japan hardball glove, sales best 3 !!


SSK Swallow limited pro-brain hardball glove infielder for 
Kikuchi model PBO66S-SW

The first place was a glove of Hiroshima Toyo Carp, the Riyosuke Kikuchi model in SSK!
He is totally proud of the large field by the quick movement like the ninja, and the call with the baseball world's best second is a high player now, too.

※ Quote from SSK official site

Our original glove that you created in the "pro-brain" series.
Domestic craftsman has made up carefully one by one,
it is a model that was adopted Kikuchi player type.
Because of the limited, as soon as possible please !!

☆ SSK pro-brain Special! !

☆ SSK professional model Special! !

SSK pro-brain limited hardball glove pitcher for PLX50

The second place is a glove for the pitchers of the Probrain.

Among SSK signings, speaking of a pitcher, pitcher Hiroki Kuroda of Hiroshima Carp is famous

The pitcher Kuroda used it habitually at the age of the Major League,
Similarly pitcher Kazuhiro Sasaki and the pitcher who played an active part in Major League Takashi Saito used SSK habitually.

There may be much one having the image called "the glove for the SSK= pitcher".

※ quoted from the Hartford Courant (New York Yankees era of Kuroda pitcher)

※ quoted from MLB.com (Sasaki pitcher of Seattle Mariners era)

※ quoted from gettyimages (Saito pitcher of the Los Angeles Dodgers era)

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The third place is a glove for the infielders of the "professional edge" series which it released in SSK at the end of last year!

Tsuyoshi Nishioka of Hanshin Tigers to be a regular of the second is appealing with an exhibition game from camping with SSK glove this year, too!

※ quoted from Sankei Sports

Two years ago and the injury last year,
Nishioka players his desire by such a season did not send.

Or grasp the opening starting lineup displacement rivals such as
Uemoto players and Yamato player, is attention.

☆ SSK Puroedge Special !!

☆ Nishioka player model & Related products feature !!

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Monday, March 14, 2016

KUBOTA intersting T-shirts

The 80th anniversary memory KUBOTA slugger T-shirts. LT15-V80

It is going to release it soon :)


▲▲KUBOTA slugger wear

▲▲KUBOTA glove and mitt

久保田スラッガー 手袋特集!
▲▲batting glove and fielding glove

▲▲Junior Items

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