Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Boasting a good guard and good hit ! Attention to Ginsuke Kaneko at Waseda jitsugyo High School !

Ginsuke Kaneko (senior in high school / shortstop )
who led the team as a captain and served as captain last year.

※ quoted from Weekly Baseball ON LINE

In the final of the high school baseball last summer tournament
it was regrettably the best western tokyo convention 8,
but in the spring high school baseball tournament he participated in 2015,
he was sitting at number 5 as a second year student,
batting rate .316 (batting hits 6, hit 19) , Stolen base 1, no fault,
and guided by good runs guidance, leading the team to the best 4.

※ quoted from sponichi (Photo at left : Kaneko / at right : Kiyomiya)

The short defense of Kaneko who was also said to be an ultra high school class
has a reputation for the speed of the first step and the speed from catching to the throwing.

※ quoted from Clipee

Although it is a bit short in the above picture, it seems that Zeems glove is also used.

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Zeems limited edition premium kip harsball glove (already put typed) 
for infielder (s size) ZG-104SB
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Zeems Limited Kip hardball glove (already put typed) for infielder 10 mm UP YH-10 K
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Zeems sanposhin limited hardball glove for infielder(s size) (already put typed) 
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Is it a spike of "Isono" that can be seen in the picture below ?

※ quoted from high school baseball .com

・Isono Middle cut high-school baseball compatible leather bottom spike for fielder ISA-302M
Regular price: 19,440 yen (tax included) → Sales price: 17,495 yen (tax included)

It is a lightweight leather sole spike that adopted kangaroo leather on the upper.
Does Kaneko like Middle Cut ?

Also, looking at this picture, there seems to be sometimes using Tamazawa's spike !

※ quoted from high school baseball .com

Tamazawa leather sole spike HEROS FIELD light weight leather bottom regular cut TCE-FS3L
Regular price: 19,440 yen (including tax) → Sales price: 14,959 yen (tax included)

Although this product is regular cut,
it is a leather bottom spike of the TAMAZAWA label worn by Kaneko.

Currently on sale and the rest is only 27.5 cm !
Half cut spike of Kantama series (Japanese KANJI label) is here !

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Tamazawa leather sole spike Kantama(Japanese KANJI) ! 
Ultra lightweight dedicated half-cut high school baseball compatible TKE-HFS
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☆ Tamazawa's spike / shoes feature is here !

Kaneko is close to high school graduation.
Are you going to Waseda University from April ?
I will be looking forward to hearing from Tokyo big 6 baseball league !

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