Tuesday, August 29, 2017

[Tamazawa] Ranking selling at Swallow this week !

Announcing immediately!
Tamazawa's top selling ranking top 5 in Swallow sports !

1st place
Tamazawa original T-shirt cool type TP-100

2nd place
【Immediate shipment】
Tamazawa rubber ball magnolia knock bat for boy's TBK-84JD

3rd place
Tamazawa Kantama defensive gloves (one hand) for high school students and above TBH-W19

4th place
【Immediate shipment】
Tamazawa swallow limited original training glove TTG-15SW

5th place
【Immediate shipment】
Tamazawa swallow limited hard ball wooden bamboo bat TBB-67SW

This week we introduce 4th place training glove!

Swallow Sports sells a number of maker's training gloves, 
but among them, this grab is "made in Japan",
so it is popular among people other than Tamazawa fan.

Please try once by all means ★

* Since stock situation may fluctuate about obtaining goods, 
please understand kindly.

Instant delivery product, here introduction

Please look forward to next week !

Popular among student baseball !

I have confidence in catching sound ! Tamazawa catcher mit feature !

※ The price display of a certain thing is the price of the delivery point. The price there is a possibility to change.


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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Today 's Select / Globe smells good !

A good smell of leather is drifting in the store today.
So, today's "BASEBALL SELECT" select is about the smell of glove (leather) !

People who like the smell of brand new gloves are fine.
Actually I also like the smell of glove (leather)
Smell is quite different by glove !

Why ...? That's because cows are living creatures !

Besides, it smells medicines and dyes used in tanning and dyeing cattle's skin and making it into leather.

Many use dyes to change the smell of leather, but after all the cow has personality,
so even with the same leather the strength may be somewhat different even with the same smell.

Hatakeyama's mitt ↑↑
 ATOMS's glove ↓↓
are also one by one slightly different.

Not only the glove body
 but also the leather string is cowhide so the smell of the glove
will change further with the combination of the main body and the leather strap !

Even those who were interested in this blog,
those who love the smell of glove originally, please come and visit.

One minute on foot from Toyosimaen station on Seibu Line !
It is about 2 minutes on foot from Toshimaen Station of Toei Oedo Line.
It is in front of the "Toshimaen" familiar in the pool.

Business hours: Saturdays - Sundays and public holidays 11 to 19,
                             weekday 15 to 19 
regular holiday : Tuesday - Thursday

↓ iinquiry desk ↓

Email: baseballselect4860@gmail.com
Phone: 070-4476-1785

Signboard is a landmark!↓↓

We are looking forward to you visiting our store.


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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Our website reopened after renovation ! Points 10 times campaign in progress !

Swallow sports website has been reopen after renovation 
on July 31 (Mon)  !!

Swallow sports main store web site

We are now praising the web site renewed campaign ! 

Now what if! Whichever item you purchase
The points are reduced by 10 times !

Do not miss this opportunity !

Thank you for your continued swallowing sports !