Monday, November 25, 2019

[Otani Collection] Descente Air Block Shirt DBMMJL21SH!

Introducing Descente's popular “Otani Collection Series”.

◆ Descente air block shirt DBMMJL21SH ◆

A material that is both windproof and stretchable!
“Air Block Crimper High” was used.

It is comfortable to wear and is recommended for training in the coming season.

Two colors are available: Black and D Navy.
Popular clothing is on sale at a bargain price.
As the number is limited, as soon as possible!

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◆ Descente air block shirt DBMMJL21SH ◆


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Thursday, November 21, 2019

How to break in a your baseball glove ?

How to break in a new baseball glove .

Swallow Sports forms your important glove pocket in this way.

① Put a glove in warm water and 

make it easy to stretch out leather softly.
Absolutely no boiling water.

Put it in warm water makes it easier for the leather to stretch, 
making it possible to shape gloves more effectively.

② Pound and stretch the leather using a mallet to form a pocket.

Pound the glove from the thumb side and the pinky side 
to spread the gap between the fingers.
Pound the palm to stretch the leather and form a pocket.


③ Dry thoroughly.

④ Pound and stretch the leather 
using a mallet to form a pocket again.

Pound the dry and hardened leather again to soften it.
Pound the leather and form it carefully.

⑤ Now complete !

Give it the right flexibility and make the pocket molds ... complete !
The fingertip string has also been loosened and the
 pockets have become wider.

Is your glove really easy to use?
〇 Anxiety remains in catching the ball.
〇 It doesn't become the pocket as expected.
Many cases can be solved with our break in !

Many people can solve the problem with our break in.

〇Recommended for such people.
〇Worried about break in pockets.
〇The catching surface becomes uneven.
〇Want to get used to it as soon as possible.
〇Want to clean it with your favorite oil after break in.

Swallow sports break in is recommended for these people.  

〇Focus on the palm fit !
〇Processed by checking the state of leather with individual differences.
〇Comes with foam balls for shape retention.

What will change after break in?

Point ①:
Glove opening will be better.

Point ②:

The unnatural unevenness of the catching surface is eliminated and the fit to the palm is improved.

Point ③:

The fingertip part is a little loose and the fingertip is in an open state.

This mark is the mark of the glove break in by Swallow Sports.

<For pitcher>

<For outfielder>


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