Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Most Popular Japanese-made hardball glove ?? (ZETT ed.)

Previously, we introduced the Kubota/Slugger/Xanax/SSK/Hatakeyama,
this week, we introduce the sales best 3 of the Japanese-made hardball glove of ZETT !!

Do you hear that ZETT everyone think of any player ?
I think different and by generation,
but I Atsuya Furuta (original Yakult) and Akihiro Yano (former Hanshin other)
has come to mind immediately !

※ Yakult enrolled at the time of Furuta (quoted from Sankei Sports)

※ Hanshin enrolled at the time of Yano (current Hanshin Tigers first team strategy and battery coach)

Not limited to Furuta and Yano, also in active players,
Yuhei Nakamura catcher (Tokyo Yakult Swallows) and, Seiji Kobayashi catcher (Yomiuri Giants),
but is a strong image of the catcher, such as, and Shintaro Fujinami pitcher (Hanshin Tigers), Arihara Kohei such as the pitcher (Hokkaido Nippon ham Fighters),
it has recently also active young pitcher !!

Let's take a look at the rankings !!


【Immediate shipment】
ZETT limited hardball grab Prostatus premium outfielder for BPROG7Pv
Regular Price: ¥ 64,800 (tax included) → Sales Price: 51,840 yen (tax included)

The NO.1of the product, glove craftsman of the ZETT was created by bringing together technology, for outfielder Prostatus premium of limited quantities were ranked.
Only shop that was also limited store capable of handling this premium in the nation !
Also is a limited label label !!
Do not miss this opportunity !!

☆ ZETT superlative model Prostatus all items featured !!

☆ ZETT Limited Special !!

Regular Price: ¥ 58,320 (tax included) → Sales Price: 46,655 yen (tax included)

The NO.2 of the product, Kobayashi model is ranked of neostatus !!
Shouldering the future of the Giants is expected to young players of that stand. 
It is recommended because there is also the same color!
Large finger cover is reminiscent Mr. Furuta !!

☆ ZETT hardball glove mitt Special !!

☆ ZETT neostatus feature

Regular Price: ¥ 58,320 (tax included) → Sales Price: 46,655 yen (tax included)

The NO.3 of the product, was a limited edition of Fujinami (Hanshin) model !!
Here also there is the handling of the same color as the person !
Original back style is grab of features.
Here even before the stock is exhausted, please by all means check !!

☆ Hanshin Shintaro Fujinami player model & Related products feature !!

Next, what any sales best 3 made in Japan hardball glove manufacturer ?

looking forward to !!

☆ professional model & Related products feature !!

※ The price display of a certain thing is the price of the delivery point. The price there is a possibility to change.


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