Sunday, April 26, 2015

A big game rookie is Major League debut!(wilson,mizuno,rawlings,addidas and evoshield)

I introduce this player who is "Red Hot" attracting large attention from U.S. baseball fan now.

Kristopher L. Bryant
・23 years old
・Bats: Right Throws: Right
・Third baseman / Outfielder
・The Cubs selected him with the second pick in the 2013 Major League Baseball Draft.
・Prior to the 2015 season, he was ranked as the number one prospect in baseball by Baseball America.

He left a splendid grade in a minor league last year,
and he made his debut by Padres round in Major League in a stronghold Wrigley Field on April 17.

Joe Maddon manager appointed him in the fourth starting members in spite of the debut match!

I understand that it is not an ordinary player from this appointment.
The first home run is long in coming!

(left) wilson              (center) mizuno            (right) rawlings
He used the glove of various makers like a new face.

After major promotion,
he seems to use the glove of Rawlings in the game for the moment.

If he uses Mizuno according to a Japanese baseball fan,
I feel a sense of closeness more:).

Batting gloves and spikes Adidas,
Elbow guard was EVOSHIELD.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

The MIZUNO bat & gloves which support Aoki (japan)

Aoki who joined San Francisco Giants from this year!

He hits the start nine barrage of the Japanese tie record,
and he keeps favorable condition!


A bat and gloves of Mizuno may take part to bring about a hit of Aoki of such a favorable condition … !

※quoted from BASEBALLKING

Will you understand that he use a bat and batting gloves of Mizuno?

By the way, in Royals registered at until last year, he used Mizuno!

※quoted from GYAO yahoo

Japanese manners such as [bow] are popular in the team,
but I feel very delightfully that he plays his success using the tool of the Japanese maker!

I look forward to his activity of 2015 very, too ★

※quoted from NISHINIHON newspeper.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

"Jackie" Robinson day!!

This day came over this year!

Jack Roosevelt "Jackie" Robinson day!!

The pioneer of the black people major leaguer.
It is the pioneer who broke open "the barrier of racial discrimination." of MLB.

he is famous player who there is not the person who does not know a Major League enthusiast.

It was 68 years ago, on April 15, 1947.
 Jackie made his debut in the Major League.

Through various difficulty and hardships, he left splendid activity.

Various black star players appeared, but there might not be those activity afterwards if Jackie did not open the door.

Many black players demand a place of the activity from Japan, but there are many players choosing the 42nd.

That of target respect of all baseball players is Jackie Robinson.

-A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.- Jackie Robinson

I think that it is a great affected result according to words of Jackie that Japanese players such as Ichiro can play an active part in MLB.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

MLB2015 season started!!

Major League 2015 season began at last!

Roaster of the Japanese player is only five people in this year season opener.
Let's hope that it is each player best season. 
And the player who leaked from a roaster will wait for early promotion !

The pitcher Masahiro Tanaka of Yankees,
He chosen as the first start pitcher,but has become the loss start.
I want to see good pitching on the next time!

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