Wednesday, October 19, 2016

New TAMAZAWA baseball glove made in japan 2016

New gloves are available from Tamazawa.

made in japan

It is going to release it soon


this rubber ball mitt is veeeeery popular!!
It is going to be received again today!!

Limited made in japan TAMAZAWA KANTAMA-222SW

In a limited quantity!

The hardball mitt of the 20,000 yen level is rare  :D
PRICE:32,400 yen → SALE PRICE :25,920yen (= 260 USD)

Limited made in japan TAMAZAWA KANTAMA-222SW2

Limited made in japan TAMAZAWA KANTAMA-333SW


It is available in large quantities from ZEEMS.

we will introduce a zeems mitt.

thank you.


we can ship overseas!!

check out our website!!

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