Monday, October 24, 2016

Training glove, mizuno rawlings wilson by swallow sports from japan

Today, we will introduce cute training glove.

What is the training glove made for?

we think there are person who do not know training glove.

Training glove is made  smaller and shorter than normal glove.

For infielder,
it is most important thing to make up for catching  and throwing lost time by speedy move.

When you use training glove, 
you can practice how to catch by both hands and catch a ball certainly.

*Be carefull when you use this glove in the first time.
 Because it is small, you may fail to catch a ball.


PRICE:24,840 yen → SALE PRICE:19,872yen


11,880円yen  → SALE PRICE:9,492yen

 Rawlings GH6GT

11,880yen→ SALE PRICE:9,484yen

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