Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sandoval and Ramírez are decided join Red Sox

the big news came!!

It was announced that Pablo E. Sandoval of San Francisco Giants and
Hanley Ramírez of Los Angeles Dodgers transferred to Boston Red Sox.

A contract deposit is a total of 188 million dollars in two!

To me, you can not imagine .

they spend a fund as if they forget results of this season.

we think it was like a Guts as the world champion of the last year.

but this transfer, is it not a shock for a San Francisco Giants fan?

 Sandoval was loved by the nickname of ”the kung fu panda” by a fan.

It will be gone to see the headpiece of the panda in San Francisco …

he was prospect in the Boston red sox from the beginning. so he is just back.
this picture was ramirez of 2ABoston Red Sox in 10 years ago (2004).

Just when he attracted attention as the person who broke through in 2006,
He traded it in Miami Marlins(formerly Florida Marlene's.)

It is them of the top player,
Sandoval uses the glove of SSK.

He was a former catcher, but the defense of the third is good, too.

We Japanese is glad when we think that a glove of SSK helps a play of Sandoval.

Let's expect it for the activity of their next season!

SSK: Probrain

SSK : limited item

SSK: wooden bat

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Results and evaluation of Royals Aoki 2014

Kansas City Royals was enthusiastic mood!!
Because they went into the World Series after an interval of 29 years.

Aoki contributed to the team as the second batter mainly.

The biggest highlight is three consecutive games with Chicago White Sox from September 15 to 17th in this season in that.

It is the game that he made three 11 hits of the baseball team new record.

It is four hits of two games continuations until the day before,
And he hits three hits on 17th.

He established the record of three ten hits.
Legend George Howard Brhett of Royals and Willie James Wilson which is called a speed star of the baseball team history best, they held the record.

They are members when they are the number one in the world 29 years ago.

These are the tools which supported Aoki.

Aoki special feature


In Diamondbacks, Reds, Orioles, Cubs,
The rumor of the transfer is given,

Which uniform will Aoki really wear in the next season?

By a certain article, there is the ability that batting average .285, defense, the base running are high in,

Furthermore, there were few strikeouts and received an evaluation to be superior in batting control.

Because he can put his heart and soul into team batting as the second batter, 
I think that there is considerably the team to match.

Let's look forward to activity of Aoki in the next season!