Friday, January 23, 2015

we are expected by Yankees Gosuke Kato!!

Aoki was decided to undergo a transfer in San Francisco Giants.

It became only Ichiro in Japanese major leaguers
that company name of this season had not been yet decided.

It is full of a topic of Ichiro in Japan
even if I see the sportcast of these past several days

Colby Ryan Rasmus agreed a contract with Houston Astros the other day,
The transfer of Ichiro may be decided early, too.

Transfer may be decided right after I wrote this blog
or may become after entering camp.

It is Gosuke Kato player belonging to a minor league affiliated with Yankees speaking of a Japanese player from United States dreaming of being attracted by Ichiro, and becoming a major leaguer!

Because I think that there was not that a United States-born Japanese became a major leaguer so far, I want you to open up a way as a new pioneer.

He is the same age with Otani, Fujinami attracting attention in Japan.

Ootani and Fujinami

Kato seems to use a Japanese maker, the glove of the Kubota slugger.
He ordered a glove from Japan.

The slugger is used habitually in the professional baseball world of Japan by many players,
Will it be Aoki in the major leaguers?

limited item

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The 2015 position team of kawasaki?

The Takashi Toritani whom Blue Jays showed interest in
declared an overseas free agent (FA) from Hanshin,
but he remained behind in Hanshin.

The infielder is the position where a Japanese does not put big success in in Major League.

we do not know it than he thought whether his evaluation was low whether he is particular about contract of the Major League,
but Let's expect an outstanding performance in this season in Hanshin!!

On the other hand,
I am interested in action of Munenori Kawasaki registered at Blue Jays at two years.

some people said he may make an agreement with a minor league contract again in Blue Jays.
 we cannot take my eyes away from him until he decided.

At the time of hero interview in the game that he did a game‐ending hit of May 27, 2013,
he grabbed citizen heart of Toronto .

He holds a microphone by himself and shouted he is japanseeeeeeeeeeeees!!
it was really funny.

He will work as the person of the circumference positively so that the word "the Kawasaki effect" flies.

he is using "ASICS" product,
so,teammate was interested in his tool.

we handle the product of the Kawasaki model,
please check the swallow sports.

ASICS limited glove for hard ball.

ASICS limited glove for hard ball.

SSK limited wooden bat (P52 is KAWASAKi model)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 Hall of Fame announcement!!That player of the Ichiro admiration is nominated next year?

There was the announcement of the player with Royals Hall of Fame this year.

Randy Johnson

Pedro Martínez

John Smoltz

Craig Biggio

It is only the player who knows all the active times well.

Is it Pedro Martínez and Randy Johnson to be famous for a Japanese in particular among four people?
There is a connection with a Japanese player with two people.

Ichiro used the 51st that was a uniform number of Randie in Mariners from 2001.
So the popularity of Randie rose in Japan.

Pedro Martínez had many play with Godzilla Hideki Matsui who belonged to Yankees in the World Series in 2009 at the time of Red Sox being on the register roll and Phillies being on the register roll.

In the candidates with palace of the next year, George Kenneth "Ken" Griffey, Jr whom Ichiro had a crush on most is nominated.

Because George Kenneth "Ken" Griffey, Jr was a favorite player,
I cannot wait for the next year early either!

Ichiro special feature

Ichiro and Mastui useing item. MIZUNO all items

The spikes of Ichiro are Asics!

A list of Asics products!