Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The bat which invented a final game home run of a OKOE RUI player!

Summer of this year also went to Koshien watch for 2 days.

Whether it's a cause with a lot of players of a good card, a good game and attention this year.

A guest was much and it was also full mostly with a couple of days.

Watched most of a game could be enjoyed very much in the close game.

At the inside, a quarterfinal 4th game eye and Kanto daiichi (Higashi Tokyo) vs. Kounan (Okinawa) competition

The final game home run of a OKOE rui player was shocking, wasn't it?

The bat which gave that dramatic home run off is a bat of 「SSK」 .

Even our company is popular "sky beat series".


☆SSK aluminum bat special story!

☆SSK wooden bat special story!

When practicing, a wooden bat of ISONO (bamboo bat) was also used.

☆ ISONO prompt delivery special story of goods!!

Besides Kanto daiichi high school nine also seems to use the equipment of SSK a lot.

☆ SSK protection special story!

☆ SSK undershirt special story!

☆ SSK special story of spikes!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

SSK Greatest Glove! Probrain is very successful in Koshien!

 SSK CUSTOM order glove
SSK custom order glove

In Koshien (the most biggest high school baseball tournament )

Many players use Probrain of SSK which introduced this blog the other day.

The number of starting pitchers who used SSK gloves for the first game was 11 out of 49 teams!

Rui Okoe from Kanto Ichi (East Tokyo representative) also uses SSK glove! 

He uses the glove with rainbow label, and the spike which is nubuck-like with velcro.
Rui Okoe from Kanto Ichi 

You can get the glove with rainbow label at SSK special custom order glove below!

custom order glove for hardball

custom order glove for rubber ball

Swallow Sports limited Velcro Spike is here!

It is now sold out but scheduled to arrive at the end of September!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

"Xanax" glove is all made in Japan! A Japanese baseball maker which focuses on gloves.


Xanax glove is all made in Japan.  That’s what Xanax is particular about.

  While other baseball makers started moving their production bases to overseas to achieve low price and increase the productivity, Xanax has kept making gloves that has the creativity and the aesthetic, which is the one only Japanese artisans can make.

  Current Xanax gloves are produced by the history and tradition of Xanax. The more you use the glove, the more it fits comfortably in your hand.

                                                            TRUST X 

   Since the baseball brand “TRUST” was released in 1980, the TRUST series has kept on the greatest quality of the hard ball gloves at Xanax for 35 years. 
   By improving the trust that cultivated for many years, “TRUST X” debuted in 2015 as the new flagship series of Xanax brand.

Features of TRUST X

TRUST X kip leather
      Leather prepared from the skin of young or small cattle (6months~1years old).
      It is the rarest and highest grade of the leather for gloves.

5 models
     Each glove has different size, thickness, and design.

 It is not only light but also having durability and operability.

Both TRUST X series and TRUST series are made by same materials and made in the same factory as the gloves of Japanese professional players!

One of the famous players who uses Xanax glove is Kuji Fujikawa.

He played at MLB last 3 years (Chicago Cubs: 2013~2014, Texas Rangers: 2015).  He came back to Japan and now plays for Kochi Fighting Dogs of the independent baseball league.

※This picture is from Sankei Sports 
Don't miss future success of Mr.Fujikawa and Xanax!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Who is a hero in this year the summer Koshien? (japan high school baseball tournament in summer)

The long wished-for day has come!

Koshien begins at last in 2015!!!!!

 toba high school captain UMETANI did  the pledge for fair play at the opening ceremony.

It was the 100th anniversary memory meet this year.
So Mr. Sadaharu threw the first ball!! :)

Speaking of Oh, it was high school days, an ace of Minoru Waseda.
It is famous for an invitational tournament of the spring of 1957 even to lead a team to championship in spite of being a second grader.

He become a professional as a batter, and what it became does not need to say to a great batter known as a world home run king in the whole world afterwards.

The most home run world-beater in the Major League in total is  obvious Mr. Hank Aaron.

When Oh and Aaron still have a relationship with,
For a baseball fan, I am somewhat glad very much!

※This is a state of the opening ceremony of the world Little League meeting held in Narita-shi, Chiba on August 4.

Of the younger student of  Waseda Jitsugyo high school(west Tokyo representative) of the King,
Great up-and-coming super first grader, player Kotaro Kiyomiya ,

Tsuruga Kehi hight school  (Fukui representative) where takes a straight victory in the spring and summer Tournament,

Tokai University Sagami high school that had two major aces, 
and won fierce battle ward Kanagawa,

kendaitakasaki high school (Gunma representative)
Do they show small baseball in this summer?

Osaka Kaisei Gakuen High School which won the championship at Osaka championship for the first time,

It must be a lot of highlight for these two weeks.

  • sports supplement drink
The person going to Koshien is careful about heat stroke!!

(I had a pain in head, and I felt like vomiting today.
 It was cured when I drink isotonic drink.
I felt very sick.......)

Please support boys who plays baseball playing hard as hard as possible!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

1.Hatakeyama who is famous for a mitt. japan baseball brand

Today,I introduce Hatakeyama who is famous for a mitt.

"Hatakeyama" is a Japanese baseball gear maker reaching the 30th anniversary in this year!
The hard ball glove of Hatakeyama is made all using "Wagyu " Japanese cow leather in Japan.

※In japan,Baseball is two kind. 
硬式野球 Baseball with  hard ball (same as MLB) and 軟式野球 Baseball with  soft ball  (This is a competition completely different from the softball)
Because the swallow sports sell all type, Please be careful when you purchase it.

Many Japanese professional players like a mitt of Hatakeyama and use it.
Few craftsmen make it in the same factory, which is from basic mitt to prfeccinal player glove.

It is the greatest charm of Hatakeyama who can provide a product in the quality that is almost 100% to the product of the professional player!!

The Japanese cow is brought up at a small ranch.
Therefore wounds increase on leather as cows are engaged and can rub it and grow up.

So, when we make leather products,
There is little number of the products made from one piece of leather, and mass production is difficult.

but ,there is unique hardness, 
and  the more you use、the more feeling which fits in hands.

Therefore hatayekama CEO said  that we want to use the leather! 

It is a feeling of "Hatakeyama".

Such a durable leather is most suitable for a mitt!

Continue to next time.
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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The same generation of Otani and Fujinami "strong arm rookie" is MLB debut imminentness!

A trade period on July 31 has passed.

Yankees of the A league eastern area top had no big movements at present, but.

A 21 year old Dominican right-hand man and Luis Severino pitcher of top prospect.

It was announced that I made them start in advance of others

on August 4 (Japan time August 5).

There seem to have been a lot of offers to the trade time limit very limit.

Because Yankees declined everything, he shows that it's special existence.

Once was suppressed point lost-lessly by an All-Star Futures Game in 2014.

Max was 96 miles (about 154 kilometers).

It's said that that recorded (99 miles of about 159 kilometer) this year.

Because the speed is going up every year, 

and the precision also seems to be going up a shoot.

It's pleasant what kind of picthing to do for Red Sox partner!

1994 birth place, Japanese Otani player, Fujinami player and the same generation.

When writing an article of Gosuke Kato commander player, it was felt.

Is this generation also Golden age worldwide?

The key of the second half of the game of Yankees as well as  

Masahiro Tanaka pitchers may be held.

It's big attention in a tape measure debut match of a Severino pitcher!

☆ Glove special of rollings !!

☆ Spike and shoes of an UNDER ARMOUR !!!

☆ Spike and shoes of an NIKE !!!

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