Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Glove for the Cute small size training glove.TAMAZAWA TTG-15SW

Today, I want to introduce New tamazawa training glove!!


Speaking of a training glove,
I remember time when I entered the Swallow Sports.
When I looked at this training glove for the first time,
It was attracted by a cool color!
Then, is mini-size,thought that was extremely pretty!

I asked a senior
me: "How much is this JUNNER glove ?"
A senior: "No, it is for an adult"
I remember what I was surprised at very much.

From the right,
"FIRES" Youth,  tamazawa training glove,  KUBOTA SLUGGER.
It is very small to understand that I compare it.

I hear a story in detail.....
The training glove is the glove which they designed for progress of the ability for defense.
It makes a glove small briefly on purpose surely to catch a ball.

The person of the baseball beginner, please practice the grounder using this glove.
Front tooth disappears when you do not do so it!

...............haha :D

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Tamazawa training glove

The other training glove

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