Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Support a team with good defense barrage regardless infield outfield Hanshin Yamato player! !

Even Infielder, even as outfielder, competed in the multi,
Yamato player of Hanshin Tigers,
which has been showing off the defensive force of baseball top class.

※ quoted from Daily Sports (photo right. Left Toritani player)

※ quoted from Daily Sports (Yamato player to be back home from the center)

This season may be the health of the strike so far,
the pair DeNA game of May 15,
such as the starting lineup played after pro-cored's first No. 3 (cleanup),
has become a indispensable in the team !

※ quoted from Sports Hochi

Yamato players are under contract with Kubota Slugger company.

Such as the glove and bat of Slugger,
goods related to the Yamato player is here !!

◆ Yamato player type of infielder for the model !!

【Immediate shipment】 Kubota Slugger hardball glove second Short third for KSG-22PS

◆ glove for outfielder Kubota Slugger !!

【Immediate shipment】
Kubota Slugger hardball glove outfielder for KSG-SPT

◆ above SPT type of hot water also seen typing already be on sale !!

【Immediate shipment】 
Kubota Slugger hardball glove outfielder for the (already Put the typed) KSG-SPTKZ

☆ Kubota Slugger hardball glove feature! !

☆ Kubota Slugger already put the typed glove feature !!

☆ Kubota Slugger rubber-ball glove feature! !

☆ Kubota Slugger glove Care Goods (maintenance) Special !!

◆ very popular ! Slugger hardball wooden bat !!

【Immediate shipment】
Kubota Slugger hardball wooden bat Maple BFJ marked Yamato model BAT-0

☆ Kubota Slugger bat Special !!

◆ favorite at the time of practice and training of Yamato players !!

【Immediate shipment】
Kubota Slugger limited edition T-shirt LT15-G06

☆ Kubota Slugger wear Special !!

☆ Kubota Slugger undershirt Specia !!

◆ batting glove also Slugger !!

☆ Kubota Slugger gloves Special !!

◆ spike is recommended to swallow sport original !!

☆ Kubota Slugger spike shoes Special! !


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