Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How to make basic model

Hello everybody!!

Yesterday, I tried "Glove break-in with hot water" of our company.

It tooks 4 hours and I've just finished break-in only 10 gloves.

When I think our craftsman,
 I respect him very much because he is finished break-in over 30 gloves every day.

(I still have a pain in my hand :0)


I want to introduce how to make basic model of the glove.

It is difficult to fix a model neatly like break-in,
Please refer to this Sentence by making basic models.

※ Even a handle is done,
but I thinks that it is completed more easily if you prepare an exclusive hammer.


It is OK if you don't have a hammer
you can use  your iron fist  like me :D.

I introduce Cute pink one of the co-worker as a model today!
she  came  our company in 2006,maybe.   :D

At first,we make it easy to open the glove.

The core of the glove as above.

Please prepare a strong chair, and Let's push the glove !

Until a glove becomes easy to easily open, push pull again and again.


Let's arrange an angle and the softness of the part of the middle finger of the glove.

(it is not necessary for the glove of the outfield to make a lot of push pulls.)

With the part of the root of the finger as the line and
Let's make a push pull

We push both sides of the glove, and let's make a beautiful "U" character type.

Using the hand of the stone,
make area and the depth of the pocket of the glove.


Finally, put a hand in a glove,

Please punch it in three places mentioned above!

 (the recommendation use the hammer!)

Let's give a glove and a hand and a coherence degree!

Three angles of clean models are completed in this!

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