Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Attention to the players who are using the Tamazawa that have been named in the 2016 draft !!

I picked up the 4 high school students of the
2016 professional baseball draft candidate in last week's blog,
but has been a whopping successfully nominated all four people.
It is not the acquaintance but was relieved !

※ First place was appointed Tatsuya Imai players in Seibu Lions
(quoted from Sankei Sports)

◆ Tatsuya Imai pitcher (Tochigi, Sakushingakuin H.S.) 
→ Saitama Seibu Lions first place nomination

◆ Terashima Naruki pitcher (Osaka,Riseisha H.S.)
→ Tokyo Yakult Swallows first place nomination

◆ Hori Mizuki pitcher (Hiroshima, Hiroshima Shinjo H.S.)
→ Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters first place nomination

◆ Ryuhei Kuki catcher (Kumamoto Syugakukan H.S.) 
→ Fukuoka Softbank Hawks third place nomination

46 high school students, 42 university students, working people 17 people,
Independent League 10 people of a total of 115 people were
nominated in this year.
I can not wait future success !!

From among the nominated players,
this time introduce the players are using the glove of Tamazawa (Tamazawa) !!

◆ Kikusawa Ryusuke pitcher (Soso Retec, 28 years old) 
Tokyo Yakult Swallows 6th nomination !!

※ Kikuzawa players of Yokohama kinko club era 
(quoted from Mainichi Newspapers)

In the past, has also been challenged in the United States Independent League,
it is the owner of a unique career.

Rikkyo University era also seems to have been using the glove of Tamazawa,'re asked to patronize a long time Tamazawa is popular manufacturers in our company,
you springing very sense of intimacy !

☆ Tamazawa hardball glove pitcher

・【Immediate shipment】
Tamazawa Swallow limited hardball glove especially most Kantama 
特一番 SW pitcher for KANTAMA-T1SW
Regular Price: ¥ 48,600 (tax included) → Sales Price: 38,880 yen (tax included)

◆ Kenya Nagasaka catcher (Tohoku Fukushi Univ. 22 years old)
Hanshin Tigers 7th nomination !!

※ quoted from the weekly baseball ON LINE

At the time of the Kendai Takasaki High School
(Takasaki University of Health and Welfare High School),
he played in Koshien in two years the summer and three years spring,
is so is a catcher of the strong arm swipe,
which won the most RBIs and Best Nine in Sendai six college baseball Fall League this year
at Tohoku Fukushi University.

☆ Tamazawa hardball catcher's mitt

・【Immediate shipment】
Tamazawa limited hardball catcher's mitt catcher for KANTAMA-222SW
Regular Price: ¥ 32,400 (tax included) → Sales Price: 25,920 yen (tax included)

Also batting gloves and wristbands Tamazawa !! 
(quoted from Sports Navi)

☆ Tamazawa batting gloves

Tamazawa batting gloves (for both hands) TBG-BWR25
Regular Price: ¥ 6,480 (including tax) → Sales Price: 5,322 yen (tax included)

☆ Tamazawa wristband

· Tamazawa wristband long (one-handed) RB-750
Regular Price: 972 yen (tax included) → Sales Price: 776 yen (tax included)

But it was also many opportunities for moves to media using the glove of Mateo pitcher
and Doris pitcher of Hanshin Tigers Tamazawa this year,
now After using the Tamazawa glove of Japanese players domestically me
active in the professional stage, I do not so happy !!

※ The price display of a certain thing is the price of the delivery point. The price there is a possibility to change.


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