Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Professional player's much uses habitually, "ONYONE!!"

13 wins of league top red snapper are mentioned up to now.
Young ace Fujinami Shintaro pitcher of Hanshin Tigers.

※ Current as of September 25, 2015

He used habitually from before, "ONYONE" and he signed a contract formally
as a DP staff (Development Staff) in February of this year.

A contract player is total of 5 of Kuroda Hiroki pitcher (Hiroshima) and Utsumi Tetsuya pitcher (Giants), Uchikawa Seiichi player (Softbank) ,Yoshimi Kazuki pitcher (Chunichi),
 but it's said that there are also many regular users by
all except for a contract player in the professional player.

※ Uemoto Hiroki player (Hanshin Tigers)

※ Matsui Yuki pitcher (Tohoku Rakuten Eagles)

※ Otosaka Tomo player (Yokohama DeNA BayStars)

"ONYONE" is making goods with joint development with the professional player
who makes a contract.
Other manufacturers and brands are original, are comfortable and are the wear 
with which a performance is supported because a member is particular about the different material, function and design and is planning.

That a professional player wears it in a body also tells good of the goods of "ONYONE"above all.

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◆ A new product special story in 2015!

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◆ Kuroda Hiroki pitcherx ONYONE collaboration goods!

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