Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Regular take over at Kubota Slugger ! Hanshin · Itayama players !

Japanese professional baseball camp started and entered the middle stage. 
In such circumstances, I attempted to focus on Yutaro Itayama, 
the second year professional player.

※ quoted from the Hanshin Tigers official website

He was nominated 6th from the Hanshin Tigers in 2015 draft and in the rookie year 2016
he played 40 games among the teams that have "super change".

※ quoted from the Hanshin Tigers official website

He joined in the lower draft and has sent a hot line of sight
from the big batter hitter Kanemoto (4th place in Hiroshima in 1991)
who hit a total of 2539 hits and 476 homeruns !

※ quoted from Scoopnest

Mr. Itayama, who joined Asia University as outfielder, played one game as a third player last year,
and also practiced second, short, and first defensive practice to increase opportunities
from the camp last autumn.

※ quoted from Daily Sports

※ quoted from skyperfectv

※ quoted from Daily Sports

I would like you to win the intense regular competition
with his favorite Kubota Slugger's glove, bat and spikes and gloves !

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Let's focus on Itatsu's guts-full play !

※ quoted from Daily Sports

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