Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Descente · RELAX FIT Underwear rising popularity !


High-speed deodorizing effect continues Compression under

Sports do a lot of sweat in a short time. The sweat component changes to ammonia and causes unpleasant odor! It smells its odor quickly !

Descente Long sleeve power undershirt STD-667 undershirt
Regular price: 4,644 yen (tax included) → Selling price: 3,482 yen (tax included)

The material adopts a soft and supple "fine stretch knit"
with water absorption / quick drying / stretching performance.

By silhouette · material, all season correspondence model characterized
by comfortable wearing feeling.

RELAX FIT standard
Descente Round neck short sleeve Relax FIT undershirt STANDARD STD-700
Regular price: 2,700 yen (tax included) → Sales price: 1,877 yen (tax included)

Descento High Neck Short Sleeve Relax FIT shirt LIGHT STD-649
Regular price: 3,132 yen (including tax) → Sales price: 2,286 yen (tax included)

Descente high neck three-quarter sleeve Relax FIT shirt LIGHT STD-650
Regular price: 3,456 yen (including tax) → Sales price: 2,522 yen (tax included)

Since there are many products besides the products introduced this time,
please have a look!

Descente under shirt ▼

Descente spring and summer item feature ▼

Descente Baseball shirt special feature ▼

Descente super sale feature ▼

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