Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Popular backpack introduction !

Recently Tokyo has been warm and nice weather!
There are lots of people in the popular spot and park of the weekend!

Today I will introduce backpacks that can be used for such outings.
Please do use it when you go for a baseball stadium or a trip.

【1】 UPSET cool backpack! 
Selling price: 6,480 yen (tax included) + shipping cost

Just the right size, looks are cool too!
of course! It can also be used everyday.
※ UPSET is a Japanese sports manufacturer.

It is made considering storage!


【2】 Louisville Slugger Backpack! Bat can be stored !
Regular price: 8,532 yen (including tax) + shipping cost →
sales price: 6,825 yen (including tax) + shipping cost


【3】 Kubota Slugger 3way backpack
Regular price: 11,880 yen (including tax) + shipping cost →
Sales price: 9,399 yen (tax included)+ shipping cost

3 way function with super large capacity !
It looks cool and it may be good for this back trip !


【4】 UPSET  Ultra large capacity bag
Selling price: 19,440 yen (tax included) + shipping cost

Ultra large capacity! We can pack a lot of luggage!

3 way function with super large capacity !


【5】 adidas backpack new product !
Regular price: 9,385 yen (tax included)+ shipping cost →
Selling price: 7,508 yen (tax included)+ shipping cost

A 30-liter full pack print that allows players to store the necessary items securely.
With inside glove pocket.


We have carefully selected five packs of backpacks !

If you are interested, please consider it !

※ The price display of a certain thing is the price of the delivery point. The price there is a possibility to change.


we can ship overseas!!

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