Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Notice of open hard ball glove specialty store "BASEBALL SELECT"!

It is a store open reminder !
Our company has sought to focus on online mail order since 2011
but finally it is now possible to open a real shop.

It is a shop specializing in hard ball glove and order glove.
 (Order only for rabber ball and soft ball orders available)

The store name is "BASEBALL SELECT"
※ From July 1st, we will open on Monday · Wednesday · Friday · Saturday · Sunday.

Pre open ... Saturday, June 24, Sunday 25th (Sunday) 11: 00-19: 00
◎Grand open ... July 1 (Sat) 11: 00-19: 00
※  are Monday · Wednesday · Friday · Saturday · Sunday After July 1

Store hours ... Weekdays are 15: 00-19: 00
       ... Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 11: 00-19: 00

BASEBALL SELECT stocks selected grabs from inventory of numerous hard ball glove
in our logistics warehouse to the shop front !
After opening it will also make it possible to check shop front stock from computer and smartphone !

For those worried that "I do not know which one is best" manager Kawamoto will help you purchase.

Kawamoto has experience of grab making, not only maintenance such as typing
but also buyer of goods purchase, so please do not hesitate to contact us !

※ There are days when Kawamoto is absent, so check the calendar for details !

During the pre open period, only those
who have made a reservation can visit us.

Please take a look at the store you just made faster than anyone else !

Reservations from here

There is also the possibility of the manufacturer visiting
so if you are lucky you may be able to talk to the manufacturer !

Those who want to ask questions and consult with Kawamoto even after the Grand Opening are encouraged to book.
(After 7/1 you can visit us without reservation)

Three days (6/24, 25, 7/1) of the pre & grand opening day, the point 20 times campaign is carried out to all members of the main store of swallow sports !

Usually 1% points, 20% will be added in this period !
(If you are a non member, you can add points if you can register as a member
so please register on this occasion)

Building 6F in front of Toshimaen Station where our office is located

6F Jounan Uchida Bldg 4-15-11 Nerima Nerima-ku Tokyo  
※Please also see the access map

Those who are considering rigid grabs or order grabs, please visit !

The BASEBALL SELECT website is here!

Acclaimed work is underway !

We are also disseminating the state of construction on the Instagram
so please follow up with us as well !


we can ship overseas!!

check out our website!!

when you want new item information,
like us on facebook.

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