Tuesday, August 29, 2017

[Tamazawa] Ranking selling at Swallow this week !

Announcing immediately!
Tamazawa's top selling ranking top 5 in Swallow sports !

1st place
Tamazawa original T-shirt cool type TP-100

2nd place
【Immediate shipment】
Tamazawa rubber ball magnolia knock bat for boy's TBK-84JD

3rd place
Tamazawa Kantama defensive gloves (one hand) for high school students and above TBH-W19

4th place
【Immediate shipment】
Tamazawa swallow limited original training glove TTG-15SW

5th place
【Immediate shipment】
Tamazawa swallow limited hard ball wooden bamboo bat TBB-67SW

This week we introduce 4th place training glove!

Swallow Sports sells a number of maker's training gloves, 
but among them, this grab is "made in Japan",
so it is popular among people other than Tamazawa fan.

Please try once by all means ★

* Since stock situation may fluctuate about obtaining goods, 
please understand kindly.

Instant delivery product, here introduction

Please look forward to next week !

Popular among student baseball !

I have confidence in catching sound ! Tamazawa catcher mit feature !

※ The price display of a certain thing is the price of the delivery point. The price there is a possibility to change.


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