Thursday, September 21, 2017

Mizuno's NEW ware arrives !

Popular every year, Mizuno's wear has arrived !

■ Mizuno Limited Mizuno Pro Windbreaker Shirt (Back Mesh) & Pants
top and bottom set 12JE7V51-12JF7W82

■ Mizuno Limited Mizuno Pro Move Cross Warm Shirt Long Sleeve Pants
top and bottom set 12JE7V50-12JF7W80

■ Mizuno exclusive global elite warmer jacket V neck long sleeve pants
top and bottom set 12JE7V65-12JF7W86

As each quantity is limited, as soon as possible concerning goods !
Mizuno's wear is still in stock !
Look forward to future arrival !

■ Mizuno Pro wear special feature !

■ Mizuno Pro Special Feature !

■ Mizuno top and bottom set wear feature !

■ Mizuno wear feature!

■ Mizuno limited edition feature !

■ Mizuno SALE !

※ The price display of a certain thing is the price of the delivery point. The price there is a possibility to change.


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