Thursday, October 12, 2017

Today 's Select / Swallow sports limited model !

Today 's Select is "Swallow Sports Limited Model Part 3" in our real store "BASEBALL SELECT"!
We will also introduce the swallow sports limited model this time .

Today 's carefully selected outfielder glove !

↑ Tamazawa × 2 ↑
★Actually both super affordable prices !

↑ Tamazawa & Upset ↑
★Direct sewing labels are cool for upsets !

By the way, Sato Glove studio is now backordered ...

★ We are planning to arrive around December !

And ... When all is complete it looks like this !

Please come and try BASEBALL SELECT !!

A custom access map ↓ ↓

↓ Signboard is a landmark!

We are looking forward to you visiting our store.


we can ship overseas!!

check out our website!!

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