Monday, November 20, 2017

Recommended for batting up ! Yanase 's Laminatebat & Swing Speeder !

In mid-November too, the training season in winter has come near soon.

So recommend it to players who want to raise their striking forces during the off season! I will introduce the Yanase's bat.

Of course it is perfect for batting practice of high school students !

Yanase hardball wooden composite bat YMB-701 (impact area: Maple x core: bamboo)

↓ Yanase hardball wooden composite bat (930g average) YMB-930 (impact area: Maple x core: bamboo)

★ This is a recommended player who wants to transfer with a heavy bat !

↓ Recommend to those who want to straighten swing ... swing speeder !
Yanase training bat Swing Speeder YBS-002 (Material: Bamboo)

It is also recommended for game bat !

↓ Swallow sports limited model using white ash which is rising popularity !
Yanase swallow sports limited hardball wooden bat YUA-SW1
(North America-made carefully selected white ash wood / BFJ mark entering / middle balance)
↑ In products using carefully selected materials among white ash wood,
Yanase ordered seal not included in regular bat !

In addition besides Yanase x swallow sports stuck commitment is a bat !

Others Yanasebat is here ↓

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