Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Both throwing pitcher pitched in the Premier 12! !

Premier 12, which is held over two weeks was over in no time.

Japan is losing to South Korea in the semifinals, it was regrettably third place.
Partner of Mexico in the third-place match It was march forward that semifinals
while participating in Ranked # 12.

Both throwing pitcher (switch pitcher), but was surprised to be had.

Esau Madrigal Tapia pitcher of the still young age of 24.
A total of three games in this tournament, was a mound of relief only,
a large curve is a characteristic, it was a good pitcher.

Both throwing pitcher it became a topic to debut this year in Major League Baseball.
This is Patrick Michael Venditte pitcher who moved to Toronto Blue Jays
from the Oakland Athletics.

Actually, I also three years ago players, which has been introduced in the blog.

The Swallow sport we are selling both throw glove from around 2009.

Although We had wanted to really sell the,
In popular with unexpected surprise, I passed Karekore six years,
and I'm a popular glove still constantly !

☆ Swallow sport for the first time sales, historical both throw glove !!
Tamazawa for throwing both soft style glove of baseball for Swallow Sports Original TG-WH20SW

☆ boys Soft glove here !!

☆ hardball for gloves from here !!

☆ Bandit pitcher is using, both thrown here Mizuno !!

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Since be Japan and Mexico are also to play against the like 2017 of the WBC,
let's look forward from now the fighting between Madrigal pitcher !

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