Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fujikawa Kyuji players are returning for the first time in four years in the Tigers! !

Kyuji Fujikawa pitcher has decided to return four years to the Hanshin Tigers.

During the 2012 off to go to the major three years,
we have gained experience in the Cubs and Rangers and Kochi Fighting Dogs.

※ quoted from the Independent League's dot com .

Kanemoto under the new coach, the Tigers you are going reborn next season,
powerful piece has been added !!

Kyuji players not only forces the positive side of the players,
such as his experience and technology,
it will especially be a great asset for the young pitchers in the Tigers.

In particular I would like to expect, Matsuda Ryoma pitcher
who started using the glove of Xanax from this season !!

※ quoted from the Yahoo News

Ryoma pitcher that is said to be Kyuji players II are expected from the time he joined, 
the same as baseball players pitcher, 
because some edge that use the Xanax glove, 
I want to pull the Tigers pitching staff next season with two people !!

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