Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Chicago Cubs Kawasaki players belongs to 8 years division title !!

Last week I wrote about the "League victory of the 25 years of the Hiroshima Carp"
has decided the district championship team in Major League Baseball !!

The district won the first one of this season in the MLB,
Chicago Cubs that Munenori Kawasaki players belong !!

※ quoted from ESPN

Kawasaki player has just been the other day call-up was
also happy to best participate in the champagne !!

※ quote from Fuji Evening

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This was strong this season of the Cubs, but I like players this two people !!

Kris Bryant player (third baseman, outfielder) 24 years old, from America

※ quoted from Sandiego Union Tribune

In his rookie year last year, batting average .275, home runs 26,
we won the Rookie of the Year in the good results of the RBI 99,
this season is further evolution of the second year Major !

Batting average up to .296 Here, home runs 37,
has seen the success of the MVP-class on the dot 96 !!

※ 9 May 17, the current results

Bryant player has a contract with Adidas.

In Japan, a contract and Tetsuto Yamada players (Yakult), 
Bryant players and Yamada players the same 1992 birth.

Of two young people in their early 20s, 
it is phenomenal to have a high level of performance over the country !!

↑↑↑ 9 May against the Giants game of the 17 days, 
clear the Tetsuto Yamada player two years consecutive 100 RBI

※ quoted from Sankei Sports

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The following is this player !!

◆ Addison Russell players (shortstop, second baseman) 22 years old, from America

※ quoted from MLB.com

Major debut in the same last year April and Bryant players, 
but last year was to protect the second and short, 
has this season continue to protect the short.

Blow there are still challenges, 
but it is a good batting charm of defense and rock out by taking advantage of high physical ability.

The club that Addison Russell players use "Rawlings"!

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«Size 5, the for second baseman»

Regular Price: ¥ 46,440 (tax included) → Sales Price: 37,151 yen (tax included)

Cubs will be world champion of 108 years if the world but, 
either glove a vertex beyond the time of more than a century, 
it is a big focus on the future of the Cubs !!

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