Tuesday, September 6, 2016

U-18 young samurai Japan is on top in the Asian Championships !!

11th BFA U-18 finals of the Asian Championships is carried out
in Taiwan on September 4 Sunday,
and uplifting the young samurai Japan high school baseball players, since 2011,
has played a victory in five years !!

※ quoted from Daily Sports

even when the Shinnosuke Ogasawara (China and Japan) and Louis Okoye (Rakuten) player 
has competed in the last year of 2015, has not been achieved Asia vertex.

And five races shutout win in six games, 
was tournament in overwhelm the other countries pitcher force !!

↑↑↑ was a shutout relay in the Chinese Taipei game of the finals, 
Sakushingakuin high school Tatsuya Imai pitcher (pictured above) 
and the Hiroshima Shinjo high school Mizuki Hori pitcher (photo below)

※ quoted from Suponichi

◆ Imai-kun, moat-kun was using, Mizuno Pro hardball glove is here !!

Us active in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and future WBC 
day is looking forward from now.

↑↑↑ Daichi Osame player who won the MVP (Chiben Gakuen High School)

※ quoted from Sports Hochi

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