Tuesday, November 1, 2016

10 years Fighters ! Fierce Fighting Japan Series domination !!

2016 professional baseball Japan Series has won the Japan of  Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters
is the third time 10 years (second time after Hokkaido transfer) !!
congratulations !!

※ quoted from Mainichi Newspapers

October 29th Round 6 has been carried out, I went to Hiroshima to me even to watch !!

When I arrived in Hiroshima Station, around the red color !!

The Hiroshima citizens are looking forward to Japan for the first time
in 32 years have been transmitted relentlessly !

The match but was seesawing of good games, as local Carp late exhaustion,
did not become unfortunately of 32 years in Japan.

After the game,  in tossed of Fighters and during the ceremony,
a lot of Carp fans remain in the stadium, had praised the Fighters, it was a good sight.

Finally, although Carp Nine was a greeting to stand for the fan who has support for one year,
to the Hiroki Kuroda pitcher who announced his retirement this year,
it had been especially sent encouragement of big regret at parting.

※ quoted from Sankei Sports

This year's Carp began to 2,000 hits achievement of Takahiro Arai,
3 consecutive games winning home run of "On fire" Seiya Suzuki player ,
and such as the 200 victories achieved Kuroda pitcher,
remain on a also stored in the recording scene were many is.

Do what the trail is Japan's pennant to the city of Hiroshima next year !
Or players of Karp who received the feelings of Kuroda pitcher to any success !
It is expected in 2017 season !

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