Tuesday, November 8, 2016

TOKAI UNIVERSITY Aoshima pitcher achieves complete game at Zeems glove !

Ryouya Aoshima pitcher (second grader) of Tokai University 
which uses Zeems habitually from junior high school student's time 
achieved a perfect game in International Budo University by the Kanto area college baseball championship performed at Yokohama Stadium on October 31.

※ quoted from sports Nippon

※ quoted from Nikkan Sports

Actually Aoshima pitcher seems to have done perfect before !

When he was a junior high school third grader who was enrolled
in the Higashiyama club of local · Aichi five years ago,
He seems to have achieved it in the semi-finals of a junior high school baseball tournament.

He used to favor Zeems from that time.

After that, he advanced to Tokai University Sagami Junior H. S.
at famous as a strong school in Kanagawa Prefecture,
and also participated in the Koshien Summer in the summer of 2014
(the 96th National High School Baseball Tournament Championship).

※ quoted from Sankei Sports

Even now it seems that Zeems' grabs, spikes and
other tools are used carefully and I am really happy.

From now on I will also pay attention to the future success of Aoshima Pitcher and Zeems !

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