Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Attention to Hanshin's young 2 pitcher using Xanax hardball glove !

Keisuke Tanimoto pitcher (Nippon Ham) who became a pitcher in the Japanese series,
Ryuhei Matsuyama outfielder (Hiroshima) who contributed to the championship of the
Central League in 25 years, and took over the first two-digit victory and entered free agent
Syun Yamaguchi pitcher who decided to transfer to the giant,
the success of the players using Xanax glove was prominent this season.

※ quoted from BASEBALL KING (Tanimoto pitcher)

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But this time, pay attention to young Tigers 2 pitchers expected to be active after next season !

◆Atsushi Mochizuki pitcher 
(1st year, 19 years old, Yokohama So-gakukan high school graduate)

※ quoted from Nikkan Sports

Mochizuki pitcher who was nominated 4th from the Hanshin Tigers in 2015 draft.
Rookie Year's season from the high potential potential fulfilled the professional first ramp
in nine times of the giant match of the regular season (October 1),
recorded his own fastest 153 kilometers,
kept one at no point and the team's he closed the complete victory.

※ quoted from Daily Sports (photo center)

He is aiming for entering a first-come, first-served rote as a young authentic right arm
with a straight as a weapon that throws down from a height of 188 cm tall.

Who also wearing Xanax wear and expects the first win
of the professional next year along with the tools of Xanax !

※ quoted from Nikkan Sports

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◆ Ryoma Matsuda pitcher 
(5th year, 22 years old, Hasami High School graduate)

※ quoted from wikipedia

Matsuda pitcher who joined the Tigers by nominating fifth place in the 2011 draft.

After entering the professional,
it is the right arm of expectation of the Tigers bullpen team to rescue all the rescue.

※ quoted from Daily Sports

This season we climb up to 22 games and have a defense rate of 1.00,
leaving numbers to embrace expectations next season.

I want you to target one corner of victory with the fireball straight of the
same team Fujikawa ball pitcher as a model !

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