Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Introduction of products that can be immediate shipment as already put typed glove !

Although it became a little remaining in 2016
we will introduce the hardball gloves of the already put typed that are immediate shipment
you plan to renew a new glove for the next season for each position !

◆For pitcher

· Zeems Limited hardball glove sanposin Alpha for Pitcher (already put typed) SV-510PB
Regular price: 37,800 yen (including tax) → Sales price: 34,020 yen (tax included)

The position of the label shifts to the right, Zeems 'Z' is designed on the wrist part
The fashionable Zeems Alfa series limited edition model !

With already put typed this price is the cost performance unique to Zeems !

· Xanax hardball glove trust X for pitcher (already put typed) BHG-12015KZ
Regular price: 64,800 yen (including tax) → Sales price: 55,404 yen (tax included)

Xanax's finest series! Trust X hardball glove.
It is an excellent model for fit and lightweight !

◆For infielder

· Kubota Slugger Limited Hardball Glove for infield All Position 
(already put typed) KSG-L7S-SWKZ
Regular price: 60,480 yen (including tax) → Sales price: 49,032 yen (tax included)

It is a popular part number among Kubota Slugger L7S type swallow sports limited model only !
Check it out because it is an original glove that only you can buy !

· MIZUNO Pro Hardball Glove Speed Drive Technology for infielder 5 (already put typed) 1AJGH12115KZ
Regular price: 56,160 yen (including tax) → Sales price: 44,928 yen (tax included)

Large model of Mizuno Pro suitable for third and short !
Recommended for athletes who type firmly after grasping firmly !

◆For outfielder

· Zeems Limited Premium Kip Hardball glove (already put typed) Outfielder ZG-107GB
Regular price: 59,400 yen (including tax) → Sales price: 53,460 yen (tax included)

Limited model of high-class leather specification from Zeems !
It creates the goodness of care when the fine leather texture got in my hands.
For quantity limited sales, please come as soon as possible !

· Kubota slugger hardball glove outfielder (already put typed) KSG-SPTKZ
Regular price: 48,600 yen (including tax) → Sales price: 34,830 yen (tax included)

For old label, super special price on sale !
Please buy while buying !

☆ Already put typed glove special feature ! (Hardball · rubberball glove posted)

☆ Zeems' s already put typed hardball glove feature !

☆ Zeems' s already put typed softball glkove feature !

※ The price display of a certain thing is the price of the delivery point. The price there is a possibility to change.


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