Friday, January 19, 2018

Introducing Kubota Slugger's glove !

We introduce Kubota Slugger's glove by color.
After all this ! Popular rising 【F orange】!

↑ F Orange should feel vivid !

↓ For infielder glove. There are also popular H web glove.

↓ For pitcher & outfielder glove. There is also a left throw for the outfielder !

KSG-K65 for pitcher is a thumb hold specification.
I feel fingering smoothly.

Kubota Slugger hard ball glove for pitcher KSG-K65
Price: ¥ 37,421 (tax included)

↓ ↓ Limited model LT17-SJ1 (F orange × tan) is recommended for those who like small size glove and junior high school players ! !

Kubota Slugger hard ball limited glove for infielder/second baseman/short stop/third baseman/LT17-SJ1
Price: ¥ 38,879 (tax included)

Others Kubota Slugger products are here!

※ The price display of a certain thing is the price of the delivery point. The price there is a possibility to change.


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