Friday, January 26, 2018

Yanase 2018 New model product Now on sale !

Yanase 's bat which is also popular in our company.
2018 New model products are on sale well !
We introduce not only new products but also color addition and color change products so we will introduce it !

★ 2018 model new product ☆

Yanase hard ball wooden bat North America maple semi top balance BFJ marked YUM-078

The grip end is a small flare type, the sweet pot is a wide model.

Yanase hard ball wooden bat North America maple semi top balance BFJ marked YUM-113

The grip end is slightly smaller, flare and slim, easy-to-use model.

Yanase cemented wooden bat combat bat hitting part <Maple x core bamboo> semi top balance YMB-611
Grip end slightly flared and thin, ball hitting part thick power hitter model.
The most popular type 611 in Yanase has become bamboo bat !

Yanase Training Bat impact checker short bat YBS-802
Short bat that corrects the moment of impact. Can hit.
There are many Japanese professional players using short bats.
Capturing the ball near the body, shaking the bat with the whole body will transmit the force to the ball without loss, leading to hit ball speed and distance.

☆ 2018 color addition / change ☆

Yanase cemented wooden bat North America maple top balance BFJ marked YUM-634
Natural is added.

Yanase cemented wooden bat North American white ash top balance with BFJ mark YUA-611
Concrete burning × clearing has been added.

Yanase cemented hard wood composite bat ball <hitting part Maple x core lami >YMB-512
Black × Brown has been added.

Yanase weight-training butt maple 1 main-tree YMT-100
It changed to Brat × white.

Yanase knock bat maple 1 main tree YCK-920
Baked × natural added.

*BFJ marked is …*

For Japanese society baseball, "BFJ logo mark" is stamped in a predetermined position or only certified bat can be used.

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In addition, since we summarize new products etc.
below, please have a look also here !

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