Monday, August 15, 2016

End of financial year sale! by swallow sports



Of these days Olympics begin,
National High School Baseball Championship "Koshien" began in Japan.

I watch a game happily every day,
It is a very sleep-deprived state. . .

Do you watch the Olympics?

I return to the main subject:)

It is the annual settlement of accounts of SwallowSports once a year on September 1.

Usually from the middle of July to the end of August,
we do a sale of the stock disposal.

 We think that the person watching our homepage well noticed,
The brand which did not become cheap usually became cheaper.

Please see the one that you want to buy cheaply!

XANAX  top series (Made in Japan) Kip leather, 11.5 inch.
10%OFF 55404 yen → 31%OFF 41884 yen

Mizuno GlobalElite 11.3inch
20%OFF 38016yen → 42%OFF 27559yen

* The other mizuno hardball baseaball glove.

HATAKEYAMA Made in Japan 11.5 inch
15%OFF 43146 yen → 25%OFF 38069yen




we can ship overseas!!

check out our website!!

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