Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Of this summer last, Super Special Sale of hardball glove !!

This summer last closing sale are our popular from the last month,
it What has been checked?

Since there is also a few remaining items, 
please buy in by all means as soon as possible out of the discount price !!

This time from among them, pick up the hardball glove !!

【Immediate shipment】
Asics hardball glove gold stage for outfielder Glorious BGH5GU
Regular Price: ¥ 52,920 (tax included) → Price: ¥ 23,999 (tax included) 54% OFF !!

The rest N Black only !!
In making weakened difficult durable,
is glove that will be familiar to the hand enough to go with !

【Immediate shipment】
Descente professional maid hardball outfielder glove in angle model for DKG-PR372 (there left throw)
Regular Price: ¥ 41,040 (tax included) → Price: ¥ 20,520 (tax included) 50% OFF !!

Valuable left-handed Super Special glove !
Both color (L orange, black) Now if stock !!

【Immediate shipment】
Mizuno hardball glove for the global elite QM line pitcher 1AJGH12301
Regular Price: ¥ 47,520 (tax included) → Price: ¥ 26,729 (tax included) 43% OFF !!

The remaining orange only !!
Is a model with a lightweight and fit !!

【Immediate shipment】
SSK probraine limited hardball glove second baseman shortstop glove PHX56
Regular Price: ¥ 57,240 (tax included) → Price: ¥ 34,344 (tax included) 40% OFF !!

Model for infielder of probraine series craftsmen of SSK is made by pulled attention.
The rest is now only black !!

【Immediate shipment】
Fires hardball glove embroidery dream[夢] infielder for the FG-45IHSD
Regular Price: ¥ 46,440 (tax included) → Price: ¥ 29,999 (tax included) 35% OFF !!

Palm back leather part "夢" embroidery has entered a large, of the Fire's glove !!
Popular web adopted infielder for the model !!

【Immediate shipment】
Zeems professional hardball glove Infielder (already put typed) ZP-300CS-YD
Regular Price: ¥ 46,440 (tax included) → Price: ¥ 32,972 (tax included) 29% OFF !!

Grab for already put typed hand rubbing typed already infielder available in immediate combat !!
Happy bargain price !!

※ The price display of a certain thing is the price of the delivery point. The price there is a possibility to change.


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