Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The baseball season has arrived ! Koshien selection screening decision school decision !

32 schools selected for high school baseball in spring 2017 have been decided !

※ Quoted from Nikkan Sports
(Iwate / Kozukata high school with 10 members who grabbed the Koshien ticket in the 21st century)

Sakushin Gakuin high school (Tochigi) who won the last summer championship tournament
and Waseda Jitsugyo high school (Tokyo) led by Koutaro Kiyomiya
who has recorded 78 homers in high school and Hisanori Yasuda
who is paying attention as a result of winning
the Meiji Jingu Tournament in last autum Riseisya high school (Osaka),
and Chiben Gakuen (Nara) who aim for the second consecutive title by winning
the last competition championship competition,
attention school powerhouse schools have come out !

Today we introduce recommended hardball glove for high school ball children for each position !

☆ Hardball mitt for pitcher

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ASICS baseball hardballglove gold stage Speedtec QR for pitcher  BGH5LQ
Regular price: 52,920 yen (tax included) → Selling price: 29,800 yen (tax included)

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Wilson hardballglove Wilson staff for pitcher WTAHWP1WN
Regular price: 59,400 yen (including tax) → Sales price: 34,998 yen (tax included)

☆ Hardball glove for infielder

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Mizuno hardball glove global elite QM line for infielder H2 (with private bag) 1AJGH 12323
Regular price: 47,520 yen (tax included) → Selling price: 28,499 yen (tax included)

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Rawlings hardball glove for infielder  HOH 魅せる捕球が男前 要 GH6HO6
Regular price: 46,440 yen (including tax) → Sales price: 29,257 yen (tax included)

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Kubota Slugger hardball glove Toridani Players Model for Secondbaseman and Shortstop KSG-T1
Regular price: 48,600 yen (including tax) → Sales price: 37,421 yen (tax included)

☆Hardball glove for outfielder

Regular price: 49,680 yen (including tax) → Sales price: 27,324 yen (tax included)

Regular price: 62,640 yen (including tax) → Sales price: 43,847 yen (tax included)

Regular price: 59,400 yen (including tax) → Sales price: 53,460 yen (tax included)

Regular price: 50,760 yen (including tax) → Sales price: 35,532 yen (tax included)

Regular price: 45,360 yen (including tax) → Sales price: 32,657 yen (tax included)

Regular price: 49,680 yen (including tax) → Sales price: 39,473 yen (tax included)

Regular price: 51,840 yen (including tax) → Sales price: 41,472 yen (tax included)

Regular price: 32,400 yen (including tax) → Sales price: 25,920 yen (tax included)

Regular price: 56,160 yen (including tax) → Sales price: 50,543 yen (tax included)

Spring meeting is coming soon, so everyone in high school ball nationwide strive hard !

※ The price display of a certain thing is the price of the delivery point. The price there is a possibility to change.


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