Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Carp Nomura Yusuke pitcher contracts with Onyone in the central league's most wins !

Yusuke Nomura pitcher (Hiroshima Toyo Carp)
who led to the Central League's most wins last year
led the team to the first league championship in 25 years,
signed DP Staff contract with Onyone the other day !

※ DP staff ... Development staff (Onyone contractor)

※  From Prospect Facebook (a meeting posted on January 20th)

※ quoted from BASEBALL KING

He was always a favorite of Onyone as he was always celebrating Koshien's participation
at Kanemoto Tomoaki (= then Hanshin Tigers director)
who was also a senior at Hiroshima High School in high school days,
at Onyone's distributor It was on Facebook for a Prospect.

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It is a professional athlete like this, even if he does not have a contract,
he likes Onyone's wear, and he seems to have many players purchased individually.

Director Kanemoto had a DP staff contract in active era and coach Kouichi Ogata of Carp
was also wearing Onyone during his active era.

Both of you seem to be wearing even after taking office as director !

※ quoted from BASEBALL KING

Hiroki Kuroda who was the face and pillar of the team was retired in 2016,
but I think he will be a great success in the 2017 season inheriting the spirit and
fighting spirit of Kuroda !

※ quoted from Nikkan Sports

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