Tuesday, June 14, 2016

All-Star appearances and to the Rookie of the Year! DeNA Imanaga pitcher is uplifting! !

Yokohama DeNA Imanaga Syota pitcher of draft first place rookie of the Bay Stars
is at Orix game of June 11 showed a good pitching of six scoreless, it was cited 5 win !!

※ quoted from the Mainichi Shimbun 
(Imanagai pitcher to show the good pitching in Orix game of the June 11, 2008)

Enter the starting rotation from the opening, up to this defense rate second place (2.10),
of victory number 3 (five wins), and that the strikeouts rate # 1 (9.70),
has continued to great pitching towards the Central League Rookie of the Year. )

※ quote from baseball King

Even in fan voting for All-Star game to be played on July 15 and 16 days, starting pitcher department at the 2-position is attached to the (June 10, intermediate time of publication), 
it will spread even dream of All-Star appearances.

Such Imanaga pitcher is like since he was a student, you are using the grab of Mizuno.

※ quoted from high school baseball dot-com (hokuchiku high school age)

※ quoted from Nikkan Sports (Komazawa University era)

I think that is the presence of the yearning of the baseball players of 
junior high and high school students college students, 
let's hope that that will become even more future growth player !!

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