Friday, June 24, 2016

SSK proedge custom order glove!!

SSK proedge glove for hardball

<made in japan>

SSK プロエッジ 硬式 オーダーグラブ

we made SSK proedge glove page!!

we added explanation in English.

If you are interested in that, visit it!!


Order Flow

1: Estimate(when you order it,we estimate total price.)
    ※It is not completion of the contract unitl payment 
  ※The term of validity of an estimate is one weeK.

2:PAYMENT(we accept only paypal payment.)
    when you decided to purchase,Please payment by Paypal.
  after checking your payment, we order your glove for maker.
  It takes about 90 days to make it

3:SHIPPING(before shipping, we let you know shipping schedule.
   The tracking number will be send after the delivery.

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