Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Wilson's attention to glove for a second baseman !!

Calls for "right man in the right place design" in 2010, 
have made year by year evolution, of the Wilson Staff glove !

※ quoted from Nikkan Sports (Kensuke Tanaka player of the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters)

Wilson uses a leather or core material suitable for each position, 
we seek a design to reduce the error even a little !

Wilson used players are a lot even in major leaguer, 
but the same as Kensuke Tanaka players, 
introduce the second of the name of the player !!

★ José Altuve player (Houston Astros)
26 years old, Venezuela born, MLB debut July 20, 2011

◆ Gold Glove Award Awards once (2015)
※ quoted from ngscsports.com

The Royals game on June 25, cycle hit achieved either! ? 
And the big success of the four hits (doubles, home runs, hits, doubles) to think, 
but is remarkable also the evolution of hitting, 
fielding the second also, play using small body (167cm) eyes full is attractive !!

★ Dustin Pedroia player (Boston Red Sox)
32-year-old, from America, MLB debut August 22, 2006

◆ Gold Glove Award Awards four times (2008,2011,2013, 2014)
※ quoted from RedsoxLife.com

Rookie of the Year and MVP, and the world champion twice, 
also Pedroia player boasts a gorgeous performance, another 32-year-old!

Arutube players Similarly, a small body as a professional (175cm), 
but to contribute to the body in tension team is the players that are essential to Boston! !

★ Brandon Phillips players (Cincinnati Reds)
34-year-old, from America, MLB debut September 13, 2002

◆ Gold Glove Award Awards four times (2008,2010,2011, 2013)
※ quoted from Lemerg.com

Such as the tricky play of playful, fun to watch the players !!

How Soot good them to say was the hitting process in order to out, 
instantaneous judgment is wonderful, behind the back is a good player !!

To model for the play of such a virtuoso, 
why not with Wilson for the second (for infielder) glove ?

Quick action Ver. →Finish of the image of the familiar ready-to-use in hand from the moment that fit. (Pro stock steer leather specification)

Grow up Ver.→Leaving the tension of the moderate leather, use while finishing go make up the mold. (Sensitive steering leather specification)

Quick Action type glove is here ↓↓

・Wilson hardball glove Wilson Staff infielder for WTAHWP69H
Regular Price: ¥ 56,160 (tax included) → Sales Price: 44,399 yen (tax included)

Regular Price: ¥ 56,160 (tax included) → Sales Price: 44,820 yen (tax included)

Grow up type of glove is here ↓↓

Regular Price: ¥ 56,160 (tax included) → Sales Price: 44,927 yen (tax included)

・Wilson hardball glove wilson staff infielder for WTAHWP5WT
Regular Price: ¥ 56,160 (tax included) → Sales Price: 44,927 yen (tax included)

☆ Wilson glove feature !!

☆ Made in Japan glove feature !!

※ The price display of a certain thing is the price at the time of blog posted. The price there is a possibility to change.


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