Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hardball baseball and rubberball baseball,not softball.

"What is the difference of  hardball glove and  rubber-ball glove?"
"Is the rubber-ball glove usable for hardball baseball?"

It is asked you a question well.


1,  Price:48,600 yen → Sale price:38,879 yen 


2,  Price:25,920 yen → Sale price:20,735 yen

Looks is same, and the leather feel does not surely change, too,
Why is there the difference with price of  hardball glove and rubber-ball glove ?

Because,in JAPAN.

we have hardball baseball and rubber ball baseball.
and glove is 2 kinds and ball is 2 kinds.

*hardball baseball same as MLB

Rubber ball baseball use rubber ball.


The leather of hardball glove, the durability is made highly firmly thicker than rubber-ball glove.

"I do not feel the difference in weight so much if I use the glove・・"

As for it, each maker is technical diligence,
This is because lightweighting of a heart and the filling fiber was able to be realized while giving leather strength.

The Japanese hardball glove was not just thick heavily anymore as in the past

"But the hardball glove is expensive.
Can I use rubber-ball glove for  hardball baseball?"

1.the glove for rubber ball is thinner than hardball.

2.Because the rubber leather strength is not as durable as hardball leather.

It cannot be said that I am not usable to a rubber ball and  softball by all means.
I do catcher ball with friends  on the weekend and play a game, 
It is OK, even a rubber-ball glove.

thank you.


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