Friday, July 1, 2016

About Japanese glove

I found the article that the glove according to the position was created from Mizuno Corporation.

"The glove according to the position becoming the global standards now.
 It dates back to professional baseball of the early 1970s when we chase the history.

The glove at that time,
Most gloves were made in the United States, and there were few gloves of the Japanese maker.

Therefore Mizuno Corporation formed the project team which performed build-to-order manufacturing of the making of made-to-order glove of the professional baseball player.
This leads to the glove birth according to the position.

It is Glove Meister.Tsubota of the glove expert to have taken the making of glove of the project team.

When the Meister asked professional baseball players an order,
he noticed that a similar thing was said every position.

From there,
the idea of the glove according to the position was born,
and the glove according to the position was born (1974) from Mizuno Corporation in 1974."

In March, 2008, Meister Tsubota retired.
*He made a glove of ICHIRO.


From this, the Japanese glove is released according to a position.
ex. for second,  for Third, for shortstop............

Our page is placed according to a position, too. page)

The infielder is divided finely according to a position.
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