Friday, July 8, 2016

Japanese baseball game in CHIBA!!


On Wednesday,
I went to watch "Chiba Lotte Marines" home game!!

It was allowed to see exercise time because I was invited as a guest.:)

A player is gentle, and say hello carefully even if they look after us.

I spent happy time taking the photo together!!

I caught sight only of a glove and the bat which a player used and have preferred the photograph of the tool to the exercise photograph of the player. . . .

Then Japanese professional baseball players really use what kind of glove and bat;
Let's check it !!

At first
It is practicing Mr Okada . He is an outfielder.

Player Okada practices with a ZETT wooden bat!

ZETT WOODEN BAT BWT14684    10,466yen

ZETT baseball glove for hardball glove BPROG6P 51,840円

 ZETT Limited batting glove for both hands. BG397S4,664円

Player MORI!

Yamaico Navarro
He is wearing Fraklin batting glove.


MIZUNO catcher mitt 1AJCH13300 44,982yen

ASICS batting glove BEG150 5,659円

I waited for a game started while eating rice

↑The contents of this ball are rice.

Chiba Malin won on that day!!!


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