Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Made in Japan XANAX glove

I introduce Japanese popular maker XANAX


for youth,for adult,
 a catcher's mitt,  rubber-ball baseball glove ,fast mitt ,hardball baseball.

All gloves are made in Japan.

The leather of XANAX has thickness, and I feel high-quality.

The top series of XANAX is TRUSTX.

・ It is Kip leather from the Netherlands.
・ It is flexible, warm leather.
・ A product made in Japan.
・ Light weight.
・ The logo is direct embroidery
・ There are a clean glove bag and box.

The quality of the whole glove is very Beautiful.


The popular series of another XANAX is XANAPOWER.
Because I can get a glove made in Japan at a reasonable price,
I think that it is good choice.


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